Richard Christian

Dear Friends, I am so excited and happy when I get to
share my experience in being saved. I have already
shared it with some of my church friends and I would
gladly share it with you. I don’t know where to start,
so I’ll tell you what happened that pulled me towards
Christ or else this will go into pages.

My name is Richard R. Christian. I was born and
brought up in a Christian home, but did not respond to
Christ’s offer of salvation as a child. I was too busy
wanting to please myself – my life was displeasing to
the Lord. I was a typical quite rebellious teenager,
and though I didn’t get into anything too gross, I
lived to please myself. I had read the Bible
occasionally, going to church regularly and had been
lead to believe I was a Christian. I was convinced
that because I knew the facts about Jesus Christ, I
would get into heaven one day. My sister, who is a
born again and she used to tell me about verses from
the Bible and that made me feel very nice, so I
started to go to the Church but after the mass I never
felt satisfied. I used to feel a void and I wanted to
know more about Christ. I didn’t know what a born
again was and thought it was like being a Protestant
or Penticost.

After few days, I just happenend to listen to a
message by servant of God and I liked listening to it.
I just loved the service and I felt that my thirsty
heart had received the water it was longing for, so I
started to attend the meetings and one day retreats. I
was feeling that something had changed in my heart. I
had lived very selfishly and it had not made me happy.
Knowing I was a sinner before God, I prayed and asked
Him to forgive me. It was then that I asked Jesus
Christ to come into my life, to be my Lord and Savior.
While asking myself questions, I was keeping on
reading the bible, because I was scared, and I learned
to know God, who created heaven and earth and who gave
us his son Jesus-Christ for the remission of our sins.
What I know of God is not much compare to what he gave
us. He is not a man to be pleased in lying. I should
mention here that I don’t know why after so many years
I started to take notice of such spiritual things.

Now I realized that God was calling me to him and I
received Jesus into my heart. Problems kept pouring
in. I was without a job and I had to fulfil my
responsibilities towards my family, but now I had
started to lean on God and trust in him and that gave
me immense strength. I started to attend the 3/4 days
seminars at our church and would listen to people tell
their testimonies and would tell them about my
situation. Then I started to go to different places
whenever I could to hear the word of God, for I used
to experience a joy in me.

The next day I was praying to God to give me an
opportunity for a job and to help my parents & family,
and after some days there was a phone call for me
asking me to come for an interview. I was so overjoyed
and thanked God for it. I appreared for interview and
finally I got the job. There are few of my friends
here who are praying for me and I praise the Lord for
giving me such good friends in Christ.

What more can I say than God is with me and He is
guiding me through all this, but most importantly he
had prepared me for all the sufferings, thats what I
think and how can I ever leave him now for he has been
so merciful to me who was a rotten sinner.

Frankly friends, I haven’t been this happy and content
before in my life. I had all the material things but
no peace in my life. but now I have JESUS and thats
what is keeping me going. I remember what he said to
me in Jer 33:3 \” Call to me and I will answer you and
tell you great and unsearchable things you do not
know\” and his plan for me in Jer 29:11 \” For I know
the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not
to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future\”. So
I am leaning on him totally and believe that He is
faithful to those who trust in Him totally.

I wish I had been saved 20 yrs ago and given my life
to him then, but maybe I wouldn’t have been so strong
as I am now.

I love Jesus. I love God. Of course, I had to grow in
Christ, and I am still growing, with my dear friend by
my side, willing to help at any moment, always.. That
is the best thing in the world.. Being saved, and so
blessed by God. I would not trade Jesus Christ for all
the gold, silver, diamonds or money in the world.

Through all my life Jesus Christ has been the best
friend, the best helper, and the best everything. Some
of the things the Holy Spirit has taught me has been
breath taking and some of the teachings the Church is
not ready to accept. Most of the Christian people and
ministers, I have met still do hot know Jesus Christ
and who he is, they only know lots of things about
him. I am not saying this to condemn anyone but to
spark spiritual growth.

However, my true goal in life now is to be a good and
faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. My career
is only a means to an end, and that end is to glorify
the Lord with my life and with the music that I play.
Pursuing that goal gives me great joy and contentment;
the fulfillment which eluded me so many years ago has
at last been found and the emptiness I once felt has
gone forever.

Richard Christian


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