Retreat coming up

I’m giving my testimony. I have an hour’s time to fill and I’m having block after block as I’m writing this down. I should have it done by now, but I don’t. Needs to be done by tomorrow or Tuesday. I am in need of much for this. Please pray that all the right things are said and that the audience is attentive and most importantly that people come to Christ.

What do YOU think?



  1. jesseedavis says:

    Also pray that the power of God will be displayed through me as I share Christ throughout this retreat, both in and out of my testimony.

    • Jesse, You have the Word of God hidden in your heart. Remember what Jesus said: “Do not give thought in that hour what you shall speak or what you shall say, for the Holy Spirit will direct you.”

      If God would put the words in our mouths to condemn unbelievers, how much more would He just love to do that for the person or people in your audience He is drawing. Do not fear. God is going to speak through you – tell us what He said after its over!

      Blessings and Peace,

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