Reply to A False Teacher who thinks that Jesus is not Divine, nor Eternal


@Peter – the context actually supports the doctrine of the divinity of Jesus Christ, as Craig points out. But I find the word "context" has been used by theologians of various stripes to deny the plain meaning of the text again and again. I think you have done this. 
If you are right and Jesus Christ didn't exist before He was conceived, except in the mind of God (as we all did actually), if He is merely a promised sinless man, then anyone who worships Jesus as God, which includes 99.999% of all Christians conservatively IS AN IDOLATER. Either that or you are a false teacher concerning Jesus Christ. I can't see any way around this.
Jesus said "You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve." Jesus accepted worship, and never rebuked it. His statements about His identity got him into trouble with the Jews on charges of blasphemy, and I believe that THOSE PEOPLE understood the context and background much better than you do, almost 2000 years later.
A mere sinless man cannot pay for my sins and the sins of the whole world. Only God in human flesh could. Everyone up in heaven is worshiping the Lamb who Was Slain, and these people are not violating the command to "Worship the Lord your God only" or "To have no other gods besides me".
To hide behind the thought that the true doctrine of Christianity concerning Jesus Christ was obscured at the time of Constantine to me is a tactic that has been used to justify everything, including the wholesale rejection of Christianity (a la Dan Brown). It is a dangerous foundation to build on. I know people who were casting out demons and believing the full gospel who now reject Christianity because of such reasonings and allged historical understandings. The person I refer to is a facebook friend today, and tells me he now casts demons out in the name of Santa Claus, and I believe he is serious. The presence of spiritual manifestations in no way confirms the authenticity or truthfulness of a person's faith, and personal sincerity won't susbstitute for the truth on such foundational issues as the identity of Christ. Either Christians are idolaters (as muslims say) or they are right to worship the Lamb of God on earth as in heaven.
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