Put On Your Shoes And Walk!

The Word of God instructs us all to walk according to the statures and standards that He gave us, this means walking by faith. Walking by faith means walking in accordance with His principles, and with full confidence in His promises. Walking by faith also means not being moved by what you see, think or feel by way of human faculties.
So many times when there is a task or thrust forward, people of God hesitate out of what they deem caution, but is actually fear. Believers must realize that it is detrimental to their spiritual health to move beyond that fear! Fear is a crippler designed to paralyze a believer’s walk, but God has supplied the remedy–‘the shoes of the preparation of the gospel’.
Have you noticed how often the concept of walking and treading are referred to in Scripture? The Word says “Walk in the Spirit” (Gal. 5:16), “We walk by faith” (2 Cor. 5:7), “tread upon serpents and scorpions”–God is saying that you have the power and authority to walk all over fear! God says “Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee’ (Gen. 13:17). The term used for land (‘erets) denotes the whole earth under God’s domain, that means it is all under His control. God has your back, He is your front and rear guard (Isa.52:12), all you have to do is place fear under your feet, then ‘put on your shoes and walk’.

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