Prepare and be Watchful

Those of us who are awake are aware that we are currently undergoing a transitional way of living, in which things are going from challenging to worse. Last year God told me something in which I knew “information” about, but I did not pay much attention to the depth of such a thing. He told me that “whenever a new administration takes over a country, it is only a matter of time before they begin to establish and then make known their agenda. This will set the tone spiritually and then naturally for that nation, on how things will come about and the direction they want the country to follow.” Our current leaders(s) have taken the baton from former administrations and now have just about finished the planned task, of SPIRITUALLY bankrupting the United States.

On Jan 16, 2013… I read from a secular article about the Washington Cathedral Church. The article stated that this church is the SPIRITUAL (yes it actually said that) CENTER of the United States. It has been the location of the inauguration of several presidents, as well as their final resting place. It will now perform marriage services for same sex couples and for trans genders since the church has “evolve” to fit the needs for the time in which we are living in. I will not beat a dying horse since this is not news for believers, since we know what the Word of God has to say about this. What needs to be considered is that the United States, as of the beginning of 2012, was the world’s leading offender as it pertains to the crime of Human Trafficking.

Pornography sales in the United States are in the billions per year and it is estimated that 211 new pornographic films are made every WEEK. Abortions in America averages of over 1.2 million per year and has been that way since 1996. Since abortion became legal in 1973; over 55 million government approved killings of babies have occurred, with the world’s total since 1980 over 1 TRILLION. Only 1% of all women in America who abort their living babies, says that rape is the reason. The number one reason that women listed for having an abortion is, “because it would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities.” Because of the inconvenience of being pregnant based upon a decision which two adults have made, abortion is used as a method of birth-control. 85% of all abortions were performed on unmarried women. As of 02/13/2013 (that’s right this year) over 141,683 abortions have already occurred.

Our gvt will now protect you by its law(s) and allow you to freely worship the devil, demons, witches, mother earth or whatever you choose, and yet if you mention Jesus it is a problem. God must eventually stand up and say “ENOUGH.”
The sins of this nation have just about reached their full measure and God must react. This country has officially kicked God out of it and has embraced an abundance of pagan ways. A change of spiritual ownership has has gripped the nation and God’s divine protection is no longer available. This is nothing new so why am I writing this? God spoke to me on 2/2/13 at around 11:00p.m. and He told me something. Before I tell you what He said, allow me to set the stage and inform you why He said it the way that He did. I am aware (as we all are) that God is intelligent and He has a way on how He conducts His business, and that NOTHING catches him by surprise.

In addition I am cognizant of the fact that there is a Divine Council in the Heavens (II Chron 18:18-19, Nehemiah 9:5.. Job 1:6,2:1,15:7…Jeremiah 23:16, Psalm 82:1, Dan 8:10) in which our Heavenly Father is the leader of. The decisions which are made at these meetings will determine on how things will play out on the earth. God does not move spontaneously for he is not an irrational Deity, for his plans are well thought out and every spiritual entity involved (including the devil) has their orders and guidelines to follow. With that knowledge and understanding of how things are done: I asked God a few months ago if I could be allowed to see or be privy to such a meeting. As I stated earlier on 2/2/13, God told me that a meeting took place, with the Earth and the United States as the topic of choice. Decisions have been made which will manifest itself shortly. What came about from such a meeting?
1. Judgments from God.
2. The enemy will now have MORE rein to do what He is allowed to.

I am aware that hearing that God is about to judge our country is nothing new, for plenty of people have been hearing from God that it will happen. Well that moment is now upon us. When God said that the manifestations from the meeting will occur shortly, I should have asked Him, “are you talking about the Earth kind of short (inside of time) or your kind of short (outside of time) but I wasn’t thinking like that.
What should be our mindset?

The children of God who are living upright before Him and doing what is required of Him, will never have to worry about any judgment(s) from God, for either He will supernaturally protect you or give instructions on what to do. We also should realize that when things get really dark on the planet that some believers will die. It stands to reason that every believer who will die are not called to be a martyr, so in other words some believers will die before their appointed time to die. I am reminded by a few scriptures as food for thought. John 10:10 For the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy…1st Peter 5:8 Be sober, be VIGILANT, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. Scriptures tells us that our enemy has an agenda against us and we are to stay sober and be VIGILANT, for if we do not we could die an early and unnecessary death and this will prohibit us from fulfilling our total purpose in the earth. As believers we need to be PRO-ACTIVE and stop being RE-ACTIVE.

The reason why God will allow us to be aware of an upcoming event before it happens is so that we can do something about it before it arrives. This is called preparation. Now is the season for us to Mark our territory (house, business, and so on) before the storm hits, because everyone can feel that something BIG is about to happen. Begin to do real spiritual warfare by eliminating principalities and spiritual wickedness that are in the high places now. Mark your household, your personal property, your private land and whatever else is yours. Make your declarations known as such unto the Lord. If we are to be a light unto the world when darkness arrives, then we cannot panic as the world will, so now is the time to prepare and allow God to strengthen you.

In closing: please pay close attention to our Fiat economy which is based upon DEBT and paper money. Talk to God and ask Him what to do concerning your finances. If you just believe that everything will be ok and that God will protect you if the dollar and U.S. economy collapses, then perhaps you are living in La La land. Unless you are on that level with God, and you know that He will rain manna down from heaven on you, perhaps your approach needs to be a more practical and wise one. Don’t hope, you need to know!!!

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