Pre-trib theology and deception in the church

This is an interesting debate. I can’t help but add my two penneth worth.

I was taught that there would be a secret rapture whereby Gods people would be suddenly removed from the earth leaving the remainder to face the tribulation.
I never felt comfortable with this teaching, but accepted it because those who (supposedly) knew better told me it was true.
It is clear to me now that Jesus will return in glory and every eye will see him. He will NOT come in secret.

In looking at pre and post trib. end time scenarios, it is important to define the “great tribulation” as separate from general tribulation which has, is, and will come upon Gods people. My view is that we had better be prepared for what will happen lest our courage and faith fail in the last days causing us to surrender our lives to the beast.
Pre-tribulationism is one of many deceptions to have overtaken the church. Dispensationalism, and manifest sons of God theology are some others.
Jesus warned us to beware of such deceptions.

The danger of pre trib theology is that the church will not know what has hit it. The trend towards comfortable middle class prosperity lifestyles has seriously endangered the souls of millions of believers.
As to how these deceptions have arisen, the answer is that the devil has been out to destroy from the beginning. He is a liar and the father of lies.

In some instances, I believe that deceptive doctrine has been introduced to the church by workers of iniquity in order to further the movement towards a luciferian one world government.
Other cases of the church taking hold of dubious theology are undoubtedly due to the onslaught of demonic powers which follow a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The warnings to us to test the spirits and be not deceived are many. Yet there is a reckless abandonment of common sense leaving many true believers open to receiving doctrines of demons. This is, in my opinion the reason for many revival movements stalling after just a short time.

The answer to the powers of darkness overtaking the church, is the cross. We must hold unswervingly to the power of Christ’s death and resurrection in us.
The power of darkness is growing upon the lives of millions each day but that does not mean that Gods people are left behind. We will do exploits in His name.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah.

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