Prayer to Restore my Marriage / Family

I am asking for you to join me in prayer for my family/marriage.  I have been married under four years to a wonderful man but i was unfaithful in my marriage.  My husband has no knowledge of what i had done and I have asked forgiveness from the Lord. 

Before i met my husband i had prayed to the Lord to send me someone and then he did–when i stopped looking my husband walked into my life.  i had gone so far away from the lord by the time i met him and i did everything wrong.  i went into the marriage thinking that he wasn’t the man that i was truly in love with and that i was only getting married because i didn’t want to be alone anymore.  i had one failed marriage so i just thought “if it doesn’t work out what’s another divorce”. 

 I treated my husband horribly for three years because the sins that i committed festered and grew and now it has come to the point where my husband is filing for divorce. i left with my children because i was unhappy in the place (city/state) where we were living.  But i only realized that it was because of my sins that i couldn’t be happy and satan wreaked havoc on my marriage and family for three years because of it.  My husband told me on Monday that he wanted a divorce.

   I was(am) heartbroken by this turn of events. but then I realized IT WAS BECAUSE OF MY SINS AGAINST THE LORD and my sins against my husband that this is happening.  I have asked the lord to forgive me for all that i have done.  I allowed satan to take away my joy and destroy what my husband and i were building together.

    I know that it is not God’s will that my marriage end, i know that it is not God’s will for my family to be separated.  I HAVE REPENTED AND ASKED FOR THE LORD’S FORGIVENESS…I CLAIM my blessing that the Lord restore my family I CLAIM VICTORY of my marriage in Jesus name.  But I ask that you stand in the gap and pray with me for my husband.  That the Lord continue to tear down the walls in his heart, that he will come to know the Lord, and that the Lord will preserve the love he has for me and our family.  i ask that you pray with me that my husband will find it in his heart to forgive me for my sins of the past and all that i did to hurt him. 

   Please pray that the Lord will guard him from those who are speaking divorce into my marriage and those who are telling him that there is no hope and to never look back that things will never change. 

   I know my family will be together because it is the Lord’s will and his time is always the right time and the perfect time. 

   I thank you for your time and appreciate your prayers on behalf of myself and my family. May the Lord bless you…

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