Prayer – The Power of Persistence


“Catch the Glorious Fire” – By Ps Paul Quadros


most people, prayer is a shopping list, and often for believers too;
it’s all about what WE want. God loves to listen to us, but is
always yearning to listen to more than just our needs, worries and
desires. Just as communication is a vital part in every relationship,
true prayer helps us in our relationship with God. (We need to
check our hearts, as God wants us to seek His kingdom first). The
point is not that God does not want to give; it is the purpose of the
giving that matters.
It is God’s will that we should not
worry, but give them to Him in prayer so that His peace will rule our
hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4: 6-7) NIV


must learn to have a heart-to-heart conversation with God. He is much
closer to us than our earthly parents, friends, and even our spouse.


we have a close friend, we never run out of things to tell each other
because of the love, understanding and closeness we share. It is the
same with God. Remember Abraham, how he talked to God like a friend.
When he interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah it was like a friend. That
is why he was called a friend of God (Gen 18: 16-33). In prayer it
isn’t necessary for us all the time to say too many things, but we
need to develop the art of listening to what God wants to share with
us. Most of the time we do all the talking and pay no attention to
what the Father has to say to us.


like a bridegroom desires to talk to his bride and wants to listen to
her voice, so much more does God desire to talk and listen to us.
When we read His Word, it becomes evident how much He loves us. When
we listen to what He has to say, we grow in our relationship with
Him. And as we enter into the fullness of this relationship, we
understand exactly what He wants to tell us and what He wants us to
do, and it becomes easy to intercede according to the will of the
Father by the power of His Spirit. (Romans 8: 26, 28)


Holy Spirit is our best friend, partner, leader and helper. Without
Him we cannot develop a strong and healthy prayer life. The more we
depend on the help and leading of the Holy Spirit, the more we are
strengthened in our prayer life. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of
prayer and intercession. He longs and yearns to pray through you.
Hence, we must learn to yield to His prompting and leading. Many
times He will lead us to pray in tongues (the language of the
spirit). The Spirit intercedes for us in groanings that cannot be
(Romans 8:26). The Bible also says, “He who
speaks in tongues speaks to God.”
(1 Corinthians 14:2)


in our time of need, we run to people for prayer. That’s okay—but
it does not help us much in strengthening our own faith. We must
learn to pray directly to the Father by committing the person
concerned, the worry, or anything else that is disturbing us, in the
hands of God through prayer. And as the Bible says, the peace of God
will rule your heart and mind, (Phil 4:6-7) this will also lead you
to a higher realm in prayer. We must pray according to His will and
purpose. If you get upset and irritated with situations and people,
you may lose the anointing to pray. Not only pray for those whom you
associate with at home or in your ministry, job, etc, but also love
them and serve them as the Lord would have you do. This will bring
conviction and the desired changes in their lives.


example, Jesus did not get upset with His disciples because of their
careless and prayerless attitude, but persisted in prayer each time
till he sweated blood (Luke 22:44-45). As you begin to follow suit,
His grace will enable you to pray for those you stay with, meet and


have personally experienced that after finishing my personal prayer
time with God, I am easily led to pray with my wife, children,
leaders, staff, and even with the other believers I meet. It also
becomes easy for me to witness to unbelievers, and to pray for them
by obeying the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


we pray earnestly until we get a breakthrough, we catch the fire.
This is when the heaven above opens over us, and blessings begin to
flow. Only what we need is persistence and perseverance. The power in
prayer depends on our persistence. Jesus gave us two parables to
prove this point. One is found in Luke 11: 5-3. In verse 8, “ I
say to you, though he will not rise and give to him because he is his
friend, yet because of his PERSISTENCE he will rise and give him as
many he needs”


Luke 18:1–8, if the unjust judge could give justice to a widow
(who has no one to ask or fight) how much more our loving heavenly
father will hear our cries, who cry out day and night to Him.


still remember this particular incident concerning my eldest daughter
Danita. One day, when she was little, and we were visiting our native
place, she happened to get locked inside my sisters’ house. During
this time my wife and I were busy chatting at my brother’s house,
which was about 400 meters away. Suddenly I heard her crying out
“Daddy!!” I jumped up and ran to rescue her. My wife was amazed
to observe my reaction, and marveled at just how much I loved my
children. Beloved, if an earthly father could run like that to rescue
his child; what about your heavenly Father? How much more will He run
for us; can any one on earth stop Him? Hence in conclusion we must
understand that the power in prayer increases as we persist.


From “Catch the Glorious Fire” by Ps. Paul Quadros

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