Prayer request

Hello. I dont know where to begin. I have given the testimony of my life and where God has brought me and how far and long he has carried me. I have recently been baptized. That was a beautiful day for. But not for Satan. As I use to be his biggest tool. With him being so unpleased he had gone through others that are non believers and taken away my pride and dignity at work with harsh and utterly disgusting rumors about me. I was humiliated at work I was sad all the time. I couldnt talk to anyone. I just lost my job job today, based on lies from a manager that felt I was a worthless person. He did use those words. I sat and cried for a while today. I just looked up to heavan and said God I know that was your will but what about my kids. I am rasing 4 children on my own and the income I was making was surely more than enough to survive. But now what? The devil is sitting in my face and laughing. My whole life I gave into him and I am asking for prayers that Gods force overcomes my doubt and anger and worry. I feel seperated from him at this point but not far enough for me to ever forget he is there. I am just filled with so much worry and depression. I know God wanted me outta that job very quick and he did so. I was working 3rd shift and 50 hrs a week. Everyday I got my kids and brought them home from daycare I was so tired all I would do is yell and make them lay down cuz I needed sleep. I lost a big relationship with my babies. I feel seperated from them too. I need these prayers, as I feel I am weak right now and if I lose faith that gives the devil more energy. I am scared of that. What do I do? How do I pray for times like these? Can someone help me?

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