Prayer request..

*new to this site*

I don’t know if this is my personal blog, but if someone comes across this please take the time out to read it.

I am a believer of Christ, but living a midlife crisis..but also understand that I am going through a test. Lately, my life has been overwhelmed with a flood of distractions and problems. Every time I try to do right by God, the devil attacks me. It could be in my sleep, a bad day at work or he uses someone to do the dirt for him. It’s getting to the point now where sometimes I am scared to pray.. I’m in need of prayer, like desperately!! There’s a storm taking place in my life; it has been a long one!! Things don’t seem to be going right at all. To whomever read this and take the time out to pray for me, I pray the Lord blesses you! Please pray for me!

What do YOU think?



  1. Beloved says:

    I have prayed for you.Please remember the authority that you have through the name of Jesus Christ! You are not a sitting duck ,subject to the enemy’s attacks without recourse. As a child of the Most High God,you are more than a conqueror !!! Take your stand,sister.
    Love,Grace and Strength to you!

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