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I was fired in January due to being out for back surgery. I interviewed for a job a couple of weeks ago and they are suppose to make a decision this coming week. I would love to have this job Please pray that this job will come through. I am 46 and have never been fired in my life. This has been a very trying time.

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  1. dawndeeva says:

    I’ve been out of school for over a year. I keep going through dead ends upon dead ends looking for jobs. I have also been praying for a job, but I can’t find one in my field. I am starting to give up hope. Please pray for me that I get this job as a chiropractor that I had an interview for last week. I can’t take another denial letter. Please pray for me, thank you.

    • Sunrise says:

      When you say you have been out of school for a year, are you talking about high school or college? What kind of training have you had in your field? Did you get any experience outside of your training? Also, do you have a resume fixed up showing your qualifications? I realize that most people do have a resume when job hunting, but I thought I would ask anyway.

      Are you trying to find something in your immediate area? Here is a site you might try.

      When you say you have been looking for jobs, does this mean you have been looking at jobs outside of your field or jobs within the chiropractic field? I wasn’t quite sure what you meant. You may have to find a job outside of your field for the moment, until you do get the job offer you want. At least you will be making an income, while you are waiting.

      Here is some information that I got from a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by a millionaire named Dale Carnegie. The best color to wear to an interview is blue. Do not wear red, because it is a power color. When you shake hands with your interviewer, look him or her in the eye and smile and make sure you give this person a nice, firm handshake. This shows you have confidence in yourself. The employer wants to know if you will be an asset to his or her business. So, you need to tell that person how you can benefit his or her business. Most want someone who is honest, on time, and reliable and has enough knowledge to do the job. Since you enjoy being a chiropractor, you should let your enthusiasm show through in your interview.

      I know it is hard to find a job these days. I do hope you hear good news from your last interview. If you don’t hear anything after a reasonable period of time, it won’t hurt to contact that business to find out what your status is as far as getting the job. This shows them that you are really interested in the job. Maybe the Lord has a special place He wants you to be. So, if you happen not to get the job, don’t be discouraged. It might be that God has something better for you somewhere else. Just do your best to make a good impression and leave the rest to God.

      A prayer: Lord, I ask that your favor rest upon Dawn as she looks for a chiropractic job. Give her words of wisdom as she is being interviewed, so that she will make a good impression. Help her not to be discouraged or to give up on herself. Lead her in the direction you want her to go. Bring people and situations her way that will lead her to the place that would best fulfill her. Lord, I thank you now for what you are going to do for Dawn. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    • childofjesus says:

      Our Gracious Heavenly Father, I come in your awesome presence to thank you for dawn’s life. Lord, as she is searching for a job, help her to find one. As she is awaiting for the result for the last interview, if it is Your Will, bless her with this job in her field,. You know what is best for her and we know that You like to bless your children. Bless her with one of the finest job in her field. Father, You have seen her struggles, give her patient endurance to go through all these trials and bless her with faith and hope in You. We trust You, as our Provider. In Jesus name i pray…Amen

      I also take this opportunity to inform you’ll that ‘lijo’ has been blessed with a job. I want to thank God & give Him all Glory & Honor for He cares for us. May Lijo be a blessing to his family and God’s Ministry.. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayer..

  2. mackie44 says:

    Dear Bretherens,i would like u to pray for me./// i hav ajob but they havnt comfirmed me yet,..i like my job but every time they tell me that they are going to stop us (those who are not yet confirmed)
    pray for my Job,and i need peace in my life i think am nt happy in my life and i dont know why….please pray for me…thank u

    God bless u

  3. pavithra says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Pls pray for me. I am born in a Hindu family but from past 2yrs i have accept Jesus as my saviour. My desire is to live and server for Jesus. But my family is looking for an Hindu guy to marry me. But i want to marry a christian Guy whom i love very much and he is the one who opened my eyes towards Jesus… Pls pray for us…


  4. Dear GOD,

    My husband and I have been going through so much, I am staying with my in-laws we had to move all the way from PA, to MD, because our unemployment stopped and my husband lost his job so we could not afford to pay our rent, we went from having total peace to drama on a day basics, I am 8 months pregnant and I have a 1year old and we have no job, my husband has been applying for work and we have a pretty good lead, I am sooo stressed out, it is affecting my unborn childs health, and my 1 year old, hears this drama, all the time, and she can feel our tense vibes and it is affecting her. We need pray for this job that is suppose to call us back on Monday, GOD said he will never put more on us then we can handle, this situation has made us stronger, However it is time to move out and move on, please pray for us we need it badly, it is more less for our children and their happiness….Thank you

    • Joyful Praise says:

      I understand your needs completely, as I am in the same situation, and I will keep you in prayer. I DO believe that GOD will work everything out for you and your family.

      I always keep Romans 8:31 in my heart. Its says: WHAT SHALL WE THEN SAY TO THESE THINGS? IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? I know that GOD will continue to provide, for your family.

  5. I posted here and people were very kind to answer. So now i’m doing the same. I pray that you will find the right job and at the right time. I always like to pray to god to send the job in god speed (i heard that phrase somewhere don’t remember from where or if i’m saying it correctly). But, I have been reading a great book about job searching I really like it and I’m doing what it suggests, no job yet but I’m getting somewhere little by little. Its called “what color is your parachute”. Keep me updated and I pray that the lord is merciful to both of us.


    • lookinforacity says:

      Dear Patty

      There was a very wise man once said.
      “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
      So he kept on searching and eventually invented the light bulb. Thomas A. Edison
      So you just keep a tally on all of the jobs that God doesn’t want you to have, in order for you to get the one He does want for you.
      But in the mean time remember.

      Rom 5:3
      And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;

      Jas 1:3
      Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

      God does not deal with you on a basis of I need this now .
      God always works things in our lives to accomplish the most that can be done for us both now, and in the future.
      That is called the many fold purpose of God.
      Look at your difficulty in the terms that God is trying your faith, so it will be stronger in the future, and at the same time He is building your patience as well.
      “OH” yes He is also working on the job situation for you:>)

      You will be Blessed

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had been interviewed on 28th July 2009 for a job . I am jobless for last 8th Month . Please pray for me so that I get this job

    I have complete faith on God

    • MelodyCat says:

      First of all I don’t know your name but that is OK I can still pray for you.

      Second. As much as you despartely need a job I can only Pray for God’s Will for you. We know God promises to provide for our needs and that the Bible encourages all believers to not be lazy but work. However I am not sure if this particular job is what God wants for you. I will pray for what God desires for you and ask for the Lord to provide for all your needs.

      Third, I have been very sick and unable to go out and work or even find part-time work for over 7 years now. God has provided in others ways for me. I’d rather work than have my needs provided for through others. I had to become humble and accept the covering of my needs by other people. God has always provided all my needs in this time. There are quite a few things I would like to have or do but I haven’t got the financial freedom or health to indulge my own wants. That too has been a hard thing to cope with. Today I have learned to Praise God I am never without what I need and be content with what I have.

      Dear Lord

      I pray for this person who is without work and desparate to have a source of income. I know how frustrating it is to be out of work and anxious. However, I know Lord you provide for your children. Even in the desert when the Israelites could not stay in one place and farm their own food you provided faithfully for them each day. They ate manna for forty years and their clothes did not wear out. Thankyou Lord we can know you will take care of us. Continue to provide for this person even if they don’t receive employment today. Asking Lord for a job but the one you desire for this person to have and at your timing. In the meantime, bless them and keep them in their faith and bring about your plans and purposes for their lives which we know is for their ultimate/eternal good. Amen

      Keep trusting in the Lord as He will look after you and provide what is for your eternal good not just to satisfy your needs for today.

      I’m not saying that you should not try to get each job you can, just don’t fall into the trap of thinking “if I don’t get this job how will I live, there are no other jobs out there etc..”. I used to put such importance and my security into the getting of a job I really wasn’t able to realise God can provide even if I don’t work or can’t work. God has proven this to me in these past 7 years. Instead jsut think to yourself, “if I get this job that’s great, if not I know God will provide in another way or another job, I will not be without, God provides”.

      PS 37:25 I was young and now I am old,
      yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
      or their children begging bread.
  7. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me to land this job I interviewed for today. I am struggling paying bills and want nothing more than to be successful. The Lord is good and knows what I need. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  8. Chick Grachek says:
  9. Hi Bro Tony ,

    I read your note with great feeling. Way back in 2001 , I also
    went thru the painful process of losing a job.
    My wife had just given up her job to give birth to our baby
    girl , and then luck ran out and my company asked me to quit.
    It was a nightmare.
    I decided to start my own small firm. It was a struggle day and night for quite a while. In the first 4 months , I had just about
    a US$100 to show as revenue.
    I continued to work and pray ,all along.
    Gradually God sent business and blessings my way.
    Today , more than 5 years later , I realise that losing my job
    was the best thing that could ever happen.

    You must be wondering , how the same applies to you ,
    in the current situation.
    I know , things can be very tough , and hope seems far away.

    Just keep striving , pray to God and read the Bible.
    You shall over come.

    I add shall add a special prayer for you ,…..

  10. Hi,

    I’m not sure how to call you, you’re older than me. Here in Indonesia you can’t call someone who older than you just with their name. There should be something like “Pak” or “Mas” mentioned before the name. This time must be hard for you. I can’t imagine how I can handle it if I were you. I hope I can handle it well.

    I want to say something that bring encouragement but I’m not sure what to say. Anyway I’ll pray for you. May God be with you and this experience strengthen your faith in Him.

    God bless you.

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