pray for me to get married

I previously had a problem with getting married, as i am from a family
with so many occultic roots. our umbilical cords are even offered as
sacrifice to the gods after our births. i realised men were running away
from me for NO REASON. Immediately i started fasting and praying to
bbreak curses, my present boyfriend changed OVERNIGHT. he told me he
didnt understand what was making him run away. that he just didnt
understand, so also my four exes, who left for NO REASON when it got to
marriage. NO WOMAN in my fathers family is currently married, even my
cousins. the only one that married ran mad.

Anyway, i know that the devil would still be fighting to win his way, so
i am going to keep praying.

Please pray for me that my marriage shall come to pass in JEsus name.
that the devils plan against my marriage will never come to pass.
Also pray, there is a woman in my fiances office, who says she wants
him, whether or not he is with me, and she keeps sending him messages
daily, begging him to give her a try. please pray that the Lord shall
find her another man who wil love her so she can leave my own man alone.
thank you all.

What do YOU think?



  1. Neither me nor my family is able to find my life partner. We are searching for the right person since 5 years. All my friends are married and have kids. All including relatives have started bad mouthing about me and my family. God please listen to my prayer, you are the only one who can help me.

  2. carolinechrist says:

    peace and grace be upon all of you in Jesus name!

    Just like some of you i want to get married with a man of God!
    i have been in prayer about this, for there have been many man interested in me to get married but it does not feel right and i feel that they have been after me for the wrong “non biblical” reasons.

    a part of me feel afraid that i will chose the wrong one, it feels like satan is sending men so that i should be confused.
    I will fast and pray in this matter for sure. maybe i need to brake some ties with curses and soul ties. i have done it but maybe something is hiding.
    it is a beautiful blessing to hear others testimonies about this!

    i would be blessed to receive prayer for this matter.
    I’m also looking for prayer partners and Christian fellowships!?

    God so richly bless all of you!

  3. and another thing in my family is that my mother and all her sisters have kids but divorced..but God is sister is married,iam married and my brother had a big wedding( afirst in our family) and i can testify and say we are a testimony of what God can do and He is our Helper and Saviour,talk with God pour your heart to Him and He is going to deliver you and make you smile for its His pleasure to make His children smile and enjoy the gift of life He has given to us..

  4. hey Praise the Lord ´,i used to be like you,having men in my life and them just leaving me for no good reason until the Holy Spirit revealed to me what was going on,you have rejection ties tied on you that are making the men reject you without reason,i would like you to pray and break this curse and confess the sins of your forefathers..
    I laid down to God in prayer and fasting because all was getting too much on me,and another thing He taught me to confess His Word loudly because i realized that what i was confessing was not right,in january 2010 i told a friend that by the end of that year iwas going to get married,i had searched online for a husband and i couldnt get one then i just decided to let go and let God,to do it,i met a man in July and by december last year we got married,He didnt reject me infact He was so much on me everyday coming to look for me that i was so shocked and told the Lord that i have never had that kind of experience in my life because all the time it was me doing the chasing so my sister,you are walking on the victory side,ask the Holy Spirit to show you and reveal to you what is going on and open ur mind to the bottom line of this rejections and when you feel too overwhelmed to pray ask Him to pray for you and with you and as concerning the other lady we ask God to come to ur rescue and that your man will have wisdom on what to do about all this and that he will close that chapter and cling on you and make you your wife..

    i hope my messages is not too late but i know Jesus is able to do all and more that we can imagine Him do.iam a testimony of what God can do that because of that my friends have hope of being married

    • carolinechrist says:

      hey dear sister in Christ! thank you for your testimony it lifted my spirit and gave me some hope and faith in my own matter of getting married!:)

      I would love to hear more about your fasting and prayer some of your experience about this!?

      God so richly bless you!

    • hello..I thank God that I have found this site where I can share the feelings that I am hard to tell even to my closest friends. I can relate to your topic. What I feel right now and every moment that I realize I’m already 24 and not even tried to have a boyfriend, not even tried to be kissed on lips and even to have someone to hold hands. I feel emptiness inside of me and I can’t deny in my self that I am really in despair and feels a deep frustrations. I don’t know the reasons behind this. I am not that so beautiful but I can say that I also have the beauty (base from the fact that there are guys who got a crush on me in places I go). And this adds to what I can’t understand and confusions. There is a big question in my mind. At first I thought it’s because I appear so insensitive and don’t know how to mingle even I also feel special to the guy who likes me. So what i did is I changed my attitude on that aspect but not to the point that to chase and flirt with that guy just to make fast the process of “courting”. And for a reason guys leave me (in a way that i feel they are not interested or change their mind to stay away from me).. well i pray for that.. I just thought that they are not Christian (devoted Christians) But Im really praying for now that God could let us meet each other, the man that God planned to have me as his wife. I feel isolated and even feel abnormal sometimes that could make me ask my self what’s wrong with me. Am I just incapable of having a relationship or I’ts really God’s plan for me to be single for the rest of my life on earth. please pray for me that this feeling of frustration and emptiness will be washed by God in any way.. Thank you .. God Bless us all!

      • lookingforhope2011 says:

        I read your message sel . And this is what I went through also many years ago. I was trying so hard, looking everywhere, getting frustrated. And one day I was totally occupied on something else. And it happened. I met the girl of my was only when I let go and let God did something happen. I was thinking maybe I was too ugly.too dumb. Too old. And the whole time God already had a plan in mind!. So be patient and just relax! BLESSINGS!

  5. I guess I opened the right area! Pray for me to get married: I would like all the prayers possible, because I love a great man, first our work hours are not the same, second I’d like to pray for him, to realise how much I have giving him every since we have been together, and I know he feels the same, he just need enough courage and certification and less fear to make the move, as I know by him, his sister and his mom who is very religious, pure Christian, I know he never been married & never had children, he is already 37. Now I was married prior and had children. I have share my relationship with him for one year already, every time we meet it is magic, it is smoothe, we haven’t had any words higher than the normal. no fights, Now as he is from Romania and still old fashion, How on earth he will proposed? that is a total surprise, I know I need a lot of patience with him as he required that to me at the beginning, because he wants to know each other very well. But at this stage I feel the presence of a voice and hand that is telling me to get ready for engagement. So pray for me, Because for him I would do anything, Second place after God, and unconditional love, a magic friendship and a really special connection. But I like him to make a move, I am ready.

  6. It is well with your soul.your marriage shall surely come to pass………..and the lady in your fiances office will also find her mate……….

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