Many people are getting really scared from all these prophesies about the end of the world is next year and how many horrible things are going to take place but lets just stop a second.Isnt God the one that created the world?Isnt also true that God saidnobody knows the hour otr time he is coming back for his bride?For over a hundred yearsso many false prohesiesand lies have been proclaimed about the word of god and god himself.But my God is all knowing,all loving and all powerful.We as christians need to quit doubting,quit wondering and quit listening to the lies of the secular world and start believing that out God is awesome.Jesus Christ was and is the LIVING GOD.He shed his blood for you and I there is no Greater power in the whole universe than the power of his blood.If Christ loves you so much he died on a cross for you and I dont you think God is smart enough to warn his own childern?Because of the blood we can go to God,because of the blood we have redemption,because of the blood we have freedom,because of the blood we have power because of the blood we have authority,because of the blood we can enter in his gates,because of the blood we can go to the throne room with boldness,because of the blood we can rejoice in knowing our deliver lives.Do I need to say more?EVERY ONE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS………….Tim THOMPSON from EXPOSINGTHEDARKNESS.COM

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    Amen brothers…

    It is because of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ that the end of this world is the beginning of a new world, unspotted by sin and corruption. I look forward to the day when the lamb shall lay down by the lion and the child shall lead them.

  2. I agree Tim. I know there are many indications of evil plans in the world, but God is in control and we need to focus on His Great Plan for the redemption of mankind. While we have opportunity, let us make the gift of God's Son real to more people who live on this planet without the light of the knowledge of the Savior.

  3. Joshuagm1991 says:

    I hope you have an excellent Christmas as well. Thanks for the post.

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