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Hi Everyone,


Pls pray for me. I am born in a Hindu family but from past 2yrs i have accept Jesus as my saviour. My desire is to live  and server for Jesus. But my family is looking for an Hindu guy to marry me. But i want to marry a christain Guy whom i love very much and he is the one who opened my eyes towards Jesus… Pls pray for us…



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  1. shevonne says:

    I pray that God’s will be done and that he blesses your family with the gift of salvaion so that they can be saved and live a Holy and Righteous life towards the Lord. God I pray that you help stop her worries and fear lord and draw her into seeking you and depending on you and allowing her to know that you God are not worried about her situation but are in total control of it. God bless this women in Jesus name and I pray for all Hindu’s God that you would move into their lives reveal to them your truth and open them up to you. That you would convict them of their sins to bring about repentance and so that they can have faith in your son Jesus. Amen.

  2. Jesus_Iz_Lord says:

    Father I pray that you would please deliver me from all these death threats fear and torment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Father I’m so tired of what im going through. So many doors have been open but God I trust you and I need you. Please God deliver me, I give you all the praise in Jesus name Amen.

  3. God will lead you on His path in Jesus Christ. May God strengthen you and keep You focused on Him. In Jesus we pray, amen.
    Joh 10:10 Jer 29:10-14

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