Please pray for my husband

I would like very much if everyone would pray for my husband. He gave his life over to
Christ almost three years ago. He tries to live a Godly life but at work his fellow employees take advantage of his kindness. He is always the one who works the latest, he seems to be to escape goat when anything goes wrong. All of the responsiblity seems to fall on his shoulders. And its all because he is to kind to say no, or get into a confrontation with anyone he works with or works for. I think its because of this that his coworkers are pushing off their responsiblities onto him. He seems to be the one with the most work and least amount of pay. I am aware of the verse in the Bible that tells us to be content with our wages, but does that mean that we should allow people to take advantage of us including the people we work for. This job is very physically demanding on him and I don’t think that he will last much longer. He is still young but his body is wearing down. I don’t know how we will make it if he can’t work. We barely make the bills now. I quit my job about 5 months ago because we had another opportunity that fell through and now we survive on his small pay. I pray daily that I will find a job so that he won’t have to stay at his job but I havn’t gotten anywhere. Please pray for us and espeacially my husband that we may make it through this trying time.

What do YOU think?



  1. Hi There,

    I am praying for your husband and I hope very much that the Lord will intervene.
    God bless you and keep you.


  2. FAther in heaven I ask that you shall bless this couple with health and prosperity
    That you will bless this workplace with workers with heart who wlil help each other and not take advantage of anyone
    Father that you will not allow anyone to be used
    FAther i ask for blessings in abundance and prosperity and health and plenty of rest

    Father help this man to spend time at home with his family

    I ask this in Jesus name

  3. warriordoc7 says:

    Father, As I have prayed, I ask for Your perfect will to be mainifested in his life. I ask You to draw him and move and speak to him that he will grow spiritually. I ask that you give him another job which pays better and is less physically demanding. You are the only One that can answer these issues. I ask for peace for his wife and that you bring the two of them closer together and make them a ministry. Use them mightily and I pray that You fill them with the Spirit of the living God. I pray these things in the precious and mighty name of Jesus. I pray that You receive all of the honor and glory. Amen and Amen
    Dan “Doc” Eardley

  4. johnsonvarghese says:

    Hi, I understand your situtaion, i have also cried when my brother used to work in a factory making lead slabs, he used to work for 16 hours at a stretch, i used to tell god” father why cant give my brother a better job.” But he is now better off . Working in an area we never dreamt of.


    my heart is moved by your husbands state , YOU THINK GOD IS NOT MOVED , you will find christians accsuing you of being not enough prayerful , dont worry , JESUS WANTS TO SHOW THAT PERSECUTION AND HARD LABOUR DO NOT DESTROY HIS CHILDREN , you will come out like Gold !!!

  5. God is good sjohnsoncc!

    What your husband needs is TRUE WORD OF GOD.God isnt cruel but he wants us to be resiponsible.
    What your husband is supporsed to be is to do HIS RESPONSIBILITIES and not otherwise.
    Jesus’ responsibility is to confirm THE WORD! What if we stop preaching? Will it made him descend so as to take our responsibility?NO Big NO.your husband needs to do HIS work according to the contract he signed with compamy and not otherwise.No prayers are needed on that the word is clear about the issue,LET EVERYBODY DO WHAT HE IS RESPONSIBLE TO DO AS GOD CANNOT DO THE WORK FOR WHICH HE ISNT RESPONSIBLE
    stay blessed

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