Please pray for my husband

I would like very much if everyone would pray for my husband. He gave his life over to
Christ almost three years ago. He tries to live a Godly life but at work his fellow employees take advantage of his kindness. He is always the one who works the latest, he seems to be to escape goat when anything goes wrong. All of the responsiblity seems to fall on his shoulders. And its all because he is to kind to say no, or get into a confrontation with anyone he works with or works for. I think its because of this that his coworkers are pushing off their responsiblities onto him. He seems to be the one with the most work and least amount of pay. I am aware of the verse in the Bible that tells us to be content with our wages, but does that mean that we should allow people to take advantage of us including the people we work for. This job is very physically demanding on him and I don’t think that he will last much longer. He is still young but his body is wearing down. I don’t know how we will make it if he can’t work. We barely make the bills now. I quit my job about 5 months ago because we had another opportunity that fell through and now we survive on his small pay. I pray daily that I will find a job so that he won’t have to stay at his job but I havn’t gotten anywhere. Please pray for us and espeacially my husband that we may make it through this trying time.

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