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Is being homosexual a sin against GOD even if your naturally born that way! Are u too assigned to go to hell??? Isn’t God of LOVE?? I need to know this in order to set my life right nd on track! I never can get a honest answer.all I can get is what the bible says! I need facts and a bigger success story on why its not of GOD to be!! I need help nd deliverance today,now!!!!

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  1. Hi, the reason we prefer not to discuss this question openly is that there are now laws in many countries which are pending and very threatening towards any kind of biblical Christian viewpoint on this issue.

    You will certainly find modern society will be overwhelmingly approving of whatever you would like to do in this area.

    You know what the Bible says I think, its up to you if you want to trust the God of the Bible. Most don’t – its a narrow and difficult way that leads to life.

    I will say this: all of us are born with various demonic curses of different kinds which push us into various sinful patterns. Jesus said plainly that if anyone wants to follow him that they will have to deny themselves. For example, if I myself want to follow Jesus I can’t watch porn, play games and listen to pop music all day, even though I might enjoy these things in the natural. I can’t live for my own ego and lots of other things. I have been bought with a price and so I must glorify God with my body and spirit which are God’s.

    God IS loving but He is also holy. To make a way for sinful people like myself and others to enjoy God’s love, His holiness demanded a blood sacrifice of His own Son so horrific that we have very little conception of what that meant. Jesus bore all the sin and the curse on the cross. We look to Him and His Spirit and we can change.

    Hope that helps.


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