My Testimony-by Freddy (cleanasfire)

I was born in Bucks co. Pennsylvania in America. I was mentally abused and very scared of life early on. I experimented sexually as a child. My dad was mean and I was afraid of him. My mom loved me but she too suffered much at his temper and mental abuse. I gradually got into music and drugs. My dad had a lot of druggy friends so obtaining was no problem for me. I loved my Grandma and Grandpa on fathers side a lot. They knew the horrible abuse he did and would hide me at their house alot. My dad was a musician too. I wanted his love. He gave me drugs and anger. My mom tried to escape many times eventually doing so. I proceeded to seek fame and attention from the world at a young age. I had some exposure to Jesus and the Gospel but didn’t know much being Lutheran. I did whatever I could to survive in a hostile home life I hated. I gradually began to play in bars and lose my way big time. I had had a lot of weird spiritual occurences and lived in a demon of extreme fear. Gradually I met a girl named Brenda who was a Deadhead. LSD and Cocaine became an everyday thing. eventually we divorced,I lost it completely. For the next 17 yrs I was an up and down lost soul…mental facilities, another bad marriage and just absolute insanity. Yes I wanted to die. Many people had in my life taken me to church. But I thought the Gospel wasn’t real. Just a nice story to ease peoples souls and hearts. Eventually Heroin became my king and keeper. This demon killed me several times but Jesus kept bringing me out of these horrible overdoses. Meth was also a terrible thing and really hurt me. I eventually became homeless and demon-filled, holding a sign in New Jersey,”homeless please help”. One day as I was holding the sign I felt Jesus say I love you Freddy. He got me out of the shelter and into a rehab in NYC of all places. Since then I have had struggles, But I no longer use drugs and I worship and love my new life in Jesus Christ. I am a real friend to others and I have been steadily thru Jesus, Saving souls for him and accomplishing my dreams. I live in his courage and strength. This is the G-rated version as I am off to work now but I will add to my testimony as soon as I can. I suffered a lot but now I am free.

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