my testimony

I am an auto mech,have been for over 30 years,owner,operator,when I was twenty six,I accepted Jesus as Lord of all. But at 25 I didnot believe anything,My mother in law went to a Church of God and her preacher would visit members of her family,and I would be visited by him every now and then and sometimes I would fix his car.I was not into the church thing at all,the rev was full blooded holiness preacher! That crazy man told God he would eat no more food until I would go to his church< unknowing to me,>that was very unlikely at best for me.But miracles happen .21 days had passed ,I still did not know anything about it,but you know, I found myself wanting to go to church,and at that time it was stranger than lips on a chicken .so I went to church ,found out later about the fast ,poor man about to starve himself for someone he hardly knew .few days later he came to my house and I asked God to save my soul a.week or 2 went by and I was bound by cigerettes and couldnot shake it on my own,tried everything,I told my mom I am not so sure about this church stuff ,she said be careful what you say ,what does it take for you a truck to run over you to believe ,I said yes .but that scared her for me to say things like that, So every service at church I would go to the alter and stay and stay most time til midnight seeking proof I wasnt wasting my time .3 nights passed,just when I was about to call it a wash .did all I could do ,said all I could find to say ,Something or someone invisable grabbed my wrists and held up my arms,electricity shot through me,from 1 arm, through my chest and out the hand and poped in my ears like a fire cracker,I thought I was going to die .my chest was burning like a fire was inside,and I was held so tight I could not move .lasted for hour or more ,the more I tried to get loose,the more the current would shoot throuh me.when it was over,I was a new man.I told my mom the truck came and had the trailer with it .the preacher said he never saw such a deliverence like that in his lfe,God is big enough to get the job done without me helping ,when I gave up he took care of business,I am 54 years old now,and he is still my Lord and master and never will I forget ,After that ,well I ventured into deeper water with God.He is all we need and he is able to keep us from all things that try to destroy us,If we use the power he gave us,well who knows what we could do for his glory!

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