My family and i need your prayers please..

Im new here so i hope i put this post in the right place name is David King i was a back-slider for several and just recently turned it all back over to the Lord ..I went to church 4 sundays ago,i told my self that this was the frist time in my life that i had steped into church without nothing wrong in my life, i had allways used God in the past as i needed him, mostly crimnal stuff fear of jail or losing what i had or just trouble at work allways something i couldn’t bear id run to church and allways,allways he would help,allways in such away i allways knew it was Him,but as soon as all seemed back on track i left,i’ve done this more times than i can count so you can imagine how i felt 4 sundays ago when i walked into church thinking all was good and i was their at my own will,well needless to say i was wrong very wrong ..monday was a holiday tuesday was my next day at work i loved my job ,i had a good job better than most … 60 hrs a week was just a warm-up i was good at what i did and everyone knew it, if their was a problem

i was the one you came to ..God took it ,my frist day back at work after church that sunday ..14 years 3 months i worked this job and he took it!!!what made it even harder to swallow i didn’t even do anything the details are long but to make it short i was sitting in my office and two employees where horse playing and another got hurt the nextday the safety management personal just happend to be at my plant (God had sent them their why else was they their )they worked in another state ,well they fired me ..and everday since He’s showed me why, i had made this job my God my wife.. My kids hardly knew me.and as long as i had this job nothing was going to change..i know some of the people reading this will probaly think this is not a big deal just loosing a job ..loosing this job was like a death to me it was my wife,my kids,my God i had put my entire life into it .im still having a hard time with it today .God has showed me alot in the last few weeks  one is God deals with you,you don’t deal with God .i had told myself the next time i make it right all would be well in my life i would not be in some type of need, i was wrong,i needed God more now then all the other times in my life i had ran to him for help..So my family and i need your prayers i want a everlasting FAITH so please add that in you prayers ..i want His will to be done in what ever i do.. im so afraid of turning away job less..and scared ..the hardest thing is turning it all over to Him ..and not i never knew i lied so much till now He’s showing me so much …well i got to start getting ready for Church  so please Pray for me i need it David and Family..  

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