Mercy of God

Today is nov 3 2011,and this morning I awoke around 6,felling pressed to pray for my aunt,in my prayer I asked a hard thing,That before she would suffer God would save her soul and take her home. You see I have been her guardian and looking out for her for over 5 years now.Last 2 she suffered with altimers,just this last year it was so bad she didn’t know me half the time.She was 87,and had no family left but 2 or 3 ,but they didn’t care about her.1 said if it was up to him, she could be drinking water out of the ditch.1 year ago I had to place her in a rest home.I visited every week to make sure she was alright,as these last 6 months went by,she grew weaker and weaker,she hadn’t been a church goer in many many years.A few days ago the rest home called,and said I should put her on hospice care so she wouldn’t suffer.I don’t trust these people,they like to drug old people to much,so I did nothing,then yesterday they called again and asked if I would at least talk to them and I agreed,the appointment was today at 12 noon. I was greived not knowing what was best for her.She was always in my life in my youth,and my heart greived because of her condition,So this morning I prayed,God go into her heart and find a way to save her soul even though no man could get through the damaged mind.I new you can,as long as there is breathe there is hope of pulling 1 out of the fire.At 9 this morning the rest home called and said she had died,though my heart breaks for the loss,I know God answered my prayer.He knew I would struggle with knowing if I went with hospice and I would always question myself as to did I do the right thing.So today I have been making arrangements for her burial and the furneral is sunday.God had mercy on her that she not suffer and had mercy on me.I thank God he cares about us!

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