Love is The Prerequisite

Astonishingly , many Christians are struggling with the question of knowing how to please the One who enabled them to stand once more in the presence of Almighty God without shame . And the answer is quite simple : Love! Love is what Jesus expects us to carry around in our hearts and minds at all times . If you don’t believe me , maybe you will believe Him ; when asked about the greatest commandment , our Lord answered ” The greatest commandment is this : to LOVE the Lord your God with all your strength…and the second greatest commandment , which is like the first one is : LOVE your neighbor as you LOVE yourself ” . I think this is crystal clear ! Matter of fact , most of the parables Jesus told dealt with LOVE and Forgiveness , which go hand in hand . So if you call yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ , you are to obey his instructions – aren’t disciples supposed to obey their master ? And to make this instruction clear to us , He demonstrated it Himself in His daily interaction with all humans . I adjure you : do not take this commandment lightly , especially towards your Christian brothers and sisters . This is another thing that really shocks me , to say the least : how can a so-called Christian HATE another ? Anyway , i hope to continue on this subject some time in the future; God bless all !

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