Lost in the Fog

Your surrounded by an unknown cloudiness within your mind. Your thoughts become negative and very hurtful. You feel your heart beating super fast within your chest. Where are you going? What are you going to do? You feel like your blinded. You can’t see which way to go. Everything’s a blur. There’s no peace anywhere around you. Then loneliness strikes you with sudden panic and fear! It stabs you like a knife strike threw your chest. You can’t breath, your gasping for air. You sit down on the floor weeping…………
Anyone who has ever had their heart broken can relate to these feelings. You do feel this way. You feel so alone and abandoned you don’t want to go on with your life anymore. As, you weep, you think about how pathetic and horrible you are. You feel so weak. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.
The point where we review all the good things we’ve done for others. All the kind gestures. Now, here we are after all the goodness you’ve given those in the world your all alone. You think I don’t deserve this. You say, “Why? Why? Why God is this happening to me? I’d give anything to just make it through this night.” Maybe your reading this because your to that point right now?
I want to start out telling you, your not alone. God knows everything that happens to us in this world. There’s a big difference in allowing things to happen and being the cause of those things that happen to us. However, when we get into that state of mind that I like to call the fog, we sometimes blame God for the sorrow and brokenness we feel. Let me point something out to you, when your at your weakest point who to you call out to? You call out to God. Not just to blame him but ask him why? Your seeking his wisdom, knowledge, and understanding about what is happening to you. Your asking, also, because you want Gods help. I’ve found myself in this similar situation tonight.
Weeping and sorrow calling out to God. I realized something though. God allows us to feel this way so he can comfort us. Many people only turn to God when bad things happen. As, sad it seems yes we do. There are many who just use god to try and get what they can. Then once they get what they want they leave and turn their backs on God. How many of us have had friends do that to us? Can you imagine how God feels when mankind, his loved creations, treat him like a genie in a bottle? I get mad just thinking about it.
The point I am getting at tonight is that I want everyone who reads this to think about this when they are suffering. Where does the good things come from in morning after the night of suffering? Where does comfort come from? Where does peace come from? Where does that feeling of I know I’m not okay but I am okay come from? I want to tell you now it comes from God. James 1:17 says every good thing is from the father of lights. God created light in the beginning, it’s that same God I’m talking about. He doesn’t want us to suffer. He wants us to be happy and joyful. Why because he loves us. God is love.
This is a little different than most my blog postings. However, I just wanted to share this with someone. So if you read this praise God. Also, if you read this and your lost in the fog remember God loves you!!!! Your never alone!!! I’m never alone!!!! Praise God!!!! Also, if your not sure about love I am added a scripture to back up God is Love, be blessed all of you, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.-Barbara

1Jn_5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

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