Looking for 2-3 businessmen to join a prayer group with me

Hi, I am looking for 2-3 business people to join me in prayer 3 times a week around 8 a.m. my time in Brisbane, Australia, which is the evening in America. If you are interested, contact me on skype, michaelf8888 or by a private message. We will pray for one another’s business and breakthrough in all areas of life.

What do YOU think?


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  1. It\\\’s great fun to be a christian and be a part of the groups that can spring up from nowhere, but there are times when fun must be put aside for a season to ensure the foundation of relationships are sure and repaired. When the life source or foundation, as i the original orig post is mentioned, business people begins to be washed from beneath the that becomes a priority above ALL else. The businessman who can see beyond his immediate threat or even catastrophe to long term viability must have the discipline to ignore the LIONS ROAR and even belief of impending doom. Failure to do so is foolish since you collapse by ignoring the worn foundation anyway!

    You can see, by looking at names some of the more infamous recent users or members, that may have been overlooked by some, that all kinds of people can be stirred into actions when the storm draws near. I don\\\’t believe in monsters, but I do believe in the crazy of this world to show themselves when desparate. I DO highly encourage you to look at these recents that I\\\\\\\’m talking about.

    So where does a pragmatic man (or woman) go from here, a place of fractured foundations to rebuilding.

    1) Instant and immediate two way communication is a must. This is why ambassadors are so important during wartime. It keeps miscommunicaiton from cause tragic results that, when trickle down affect not only the prime target, which has been literally removed, to the lower level employees and minor workers. The worst fallout that results form lack of communication is the removal of all management personalel so that the other minor employees are as orphans to find a new place to work and survive. I tell you this because much management mis-underestimates how hostile takeovers begin. Major shareholders eliminated and then the business is sold off in pieces to other management companies. I AM NOT in the business of buying fodder from disolved companies for sure, but there are many out there who would procure such available minor employees. It just sad because you never know who they will work for until retirement, or at least until able to survive on their own. You think you know the limits of these wicked people who dismantle companies, but as we discussed. When it\\\\\\\’s their only option, as recently a takeover (removal of management seemed to be averted) was imminet. This ruthless devils that do this operate from pure survival mode and are swift and sure in action to ensure that the company doesnt act first to try to circumvent their work. Thatls all about that….I hope do what you need NOW to CALL and work out your communication problems.

    2) Long term relationship with other companies and even creating new relationships withformer competitors is also immediately mandatory. This is a step that cannot be overlooked. This keeps the concern of corporate spying and other under control since the instability of that sort of thing ultimately leads to the same demise of companies as you read about in step 1. All IMBALANCES OF POWER, in the time of natural operations CANNOT and WILLNOT be tolerated or entertained and are NOT acceptable.

    3) If any crippling effects of previous comptetion continue to linger then the affected company will bleed to death while trying to heal. The companies that inflicted the damage therefore must assist for the harmony of all AND to prevent the one who received the injury from being required to get outside help or intervention. This ALSO is an IMMEDIATE REQUIREMENT.

    4) One of the failures of companies that overreach is their belief that they are invincible and they thrive on the feeling of power when operating as a corporate spy. The fail to realize this is not a place that they can endure and live long term! A psuedo mechanism can be put in place to fill this need of theirs if needed, but living in that state is NOT reality and will ultimately lead to the fallout mentioned in step 1.

    5) Finally once and equilibrium is met ALL companies can have what they want and more! The limits are only set by the imagination and ingenuity of the company management of the partner companies. This is when the fun can begin and the fruit of your efforts might be realized.

    You must first before anything else CALL to discuss or send an immediate and non ambiguous invite to any company that is currently in a state of flux and VERY unstable…those are the most important ones to reach out to immediately.

    I cannot emphasize enough how poor communication or vague references in communication are NOT acceptable and must be eliminated in the communication (when not being enjoyed as a fruit of our success). When working in what I will call the secular sense, then straigh forward clear communication is all that allowed.

    Thanks for considering these things, because I believe when companies can merge, at least in a sense,,that they can then have spiritual fellowship, prayer meetings and brainstorming experiences that are far beyond what most have ever considered possible with brother/sister companies as envisioned by God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

    I emplore you to call NOW, becuase of the businesses that are at a place where they must, if not assisted by their competitors, ignore the static and interference and focus on their survival. This WILL infortunatly result in casualites…see step 1.

    I hope to see you soon and have a MOMent with all those that I look up to in my prayers.

    May Peace Reign in Every Household

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