Like babies off a cliff

This story is like setting your two little babies near the edge of a cliff, telling them “don’t crawl off or you’ll die”, and then leaving them alone.
After saying this you just watch, silent and out of sight, while one of your older and more knowledgeable children goads them into crawling off the edge of the cliff one at a time and falling to their deaths. This would be an easy task since the babies couldn’t possibly understand the meaning of your words.
Once they’ve both fallen, then you go down to see their shattered bodies on the rocks beneath and you say “You stupid babies, I told you this would happen! Now that you finally understand what I already knew, I won’t let you live even though I could save you. In fact, I will make you suffer before I let you die. Better yet, I’ll make every living thing in the world suffer and die, and I’ll blame it all on you. Now go away.”
You create Adam, you create the Garden of Eden, and then you create “the tree of knowledge of good and evil”. You stick the tree right in the middle of the garden, and then you tell naive Adam (who can not yet know the meaning of good and evil) not to eat from that one tree or he will die.
Ignoring the fact that Adam could not have comprehended death in this deathless world, and the fact that he could not have understood the “evil” of disobeying your command, what possible reason could you have for putting this tree in the garden!? It could have gone outside of the garden, and it would never be a problem, or it could simply not exist, but you chose to put it there.
The only reasonable explanation for this is that you knew exactly what would happen, you intended Adam and Eve to eat the fruit, and you are as guilty of instigating this mess as a police officer entrapping a mentally challenged child. You knew what would happen, and you set up the circumstances to allow it to happen, and you never stepped in to prevent this outcome when the serpent tempted Eve.
Being omniscient and omnipresent you must have seen it, and being omnipotent you could have stopped it or at least reminded them not to eat the fruit, but you just sat there and watched them destroy the world with a bite of fruit.
You didn’t stop Eve when she put the fruit to her lips, and you didn’t stop Adam when she offered it to him. You didn’t forgive them or repair the damage, you became afraid of them and you set us all on the endless trail of horrible suffering and death that still plagues the world to this day, just because you were angry and afraid.
Not only did you punish the entire world forever for the mistakes of Adam and Eve, you set the whole thing up knowing exactly what would happen. If anyone is responsible for “the fall of man”, it is you.

What do YOU think?



  1. my mother told me that the world is perfect. Man was given free will so that he would make a free choice to operate in God’s perfect will. I understand your take on the events that took place, but you know what? Adam and Eve were given the ability to exercise free will and they chose to use it in a manner inconsistent with what God was doing for them.

    Christ came from heaven, (by his own free will), was baptized and immediately thrown into the wilderness. During his time in the wilderness he was tempted by the devil with every form of temptation. Yet he resisted using God’s word. He could have chosen to accept the temptations of the enemy. (Christ was hungry, cold and in a desperate fight ) He still chose to stand on the word and resist the devil. The devil had to leave him alone. How many times have you seen this in the bible? Job for instance. “Though He slay me, yet I will trust Him” Job 1: 4-5. Jesus now sits at the right hand of the father and Job was renewed 1000x over by faith.

    As I read your post, I see you speak directly to God. It is obvious you believe He exists. You reach for some form of logic according to your own understanding. I believe that you need to understand that DIVINE power is far beyond our limited understanding. “Lean not to thine own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.” “The foolishness of God is wisdom to man.” Since that is the case, understand that Eden was perfect and God gave man choice in a blessed, perfect place. Man removed his eyes from the greatness of the Father and cut himself short. If I am correct in my assumption, you are frustrated by what you see going on in the world. Rather than question God, it seems showing others the consequences that poor choices can have by using God’s word would be a greater blessing than magnifying the negative consequences orchestrated by the enemy. Isn’t there one life you can touch by using this example? I am sure there is someone you know that requires a word from God to move them forward. You are an articulate person who could do a mighty work for a Divine God; if you choose to let go and allow God to work through you. God bless you my friend. I love you, BUT ABOVE ALL may the LOVE OF CHRIST fill your heart so you will use your talents to draw people to the Lord and not away from Him.

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    It is interesting that people can curse God for letting us choose the serpent, and then tell people to run to the serpent because God must be worse than the serpent because he did not stop us from choosing the serpent….. If that sounds confusing, it is because it IS confusion.

    We are serving one or the other. You cannot run from God without running to the serpent. I wouldn’t tell a person to embrace a poisonous snake under any circumstance…

    • Mark 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

      Jesus tells people to take up serpents and drink poison as a test of faith.

      As for serving either or – How about serving neither!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      No. Jesus prophesied these things would happen. He did not tell his disciples to do so. In fact, we are commanded “thou shalt not tempt (test) the Lord thy God.” In Acts, Paul was putting wood in a fire and a viper attached to his hand. The natives said, “see the man is cursed and god has taken his life….” Paul came away unharmed, though the serpent had attached itself and hung off his arm. They then believed in Jesus Christ.

      If in the course of preaching and proclaiming we come in contact with such things, they shall in no wise harm us, if we believe.

      You sure took a strange turn in the conversation! 🙂 You are also showing how little you know of the basis of this discussion board. Please read your Bible for yourself in the fulness of its context and you will find you are laboring under many false ideas. I am not saying this in a mean spirited way. It is simply that we discuss the Bible here and if you know the source of our conversations you will better be able to add substance to the discussion.

  3. jesseedavis says:

    I will say, I have seen some pretty clever retakes of this story, but this one by far outdoes the rest. Lord help this man…

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