lifted up

i walked away from church and my husband in 95 and struggled all these years but never forgot about the Lord. 4 months ago He took smoking and drinking and been lifted up out of the pit thank You Jesus. and im back in church and reading my Bible its tough but im going forward by the grace of can do anything with God in your heart. He is awesome.He has healed my back pain and took depression my fear. Praise God

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  1. childofjesus says:

    Thanks for posting your testimony!!
    One thing i would like to say is that when we walk away from God due to some bitterness or other worldly attractions, we only see our side of life..We completely forget how our God feels? In Bible we see the story of prodigal son who walked out of his Father’s house to lead his own life..only the life of son is described in detail but not the Father’s waiting heart..
    When we walk away from the Lord, it is not only we who suffer but we bring utmost pain to God also..So, Patty i encourage you to continue to walk with the Lord..He is indeed an AWESOME GOD!!

    • Thank u sis shanta, I guess, you read all the testimonies and give an appropriate answer, i think. Thank u so much for encouraging the new believers.

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