Learning how to hear God’s voice – things I am learning only now

I have to say to my shame that there are certain basic things I never much practiced concerning how to hear God’s voice personally for myself. I believe the lack of knowledge here has limited the effectiveness of my communication with the Lord until now. Though I’ve heard God’s voice on many things, there are also many things in which I know I have acted presumptuously, and the bad results made me question the wisdom of trying to get specific guidance outside of just reading the Bible. However, the Bible is full of people who heard God in other ways besides reading the Holy Scriptures, and it contains many promises that God’s people can and do hear God’s voice (e.g. John 10:27).

Two principles I am learning are as follows:

1. When asking God to speak to us, evil spirits might give a reply also – by various means. Therefore, before expecting to hear from God, it is very good to verbally command the powers of darkness which may or may not be around to BE SILENT. Bind the powers of darkness before attempting to hear God on an important issue you are inquiring the Lord on.

2. The quality of our guidance depends on the condition of our hearts. The main problem we all face is PRIDE. The Bible says in Obadiah 3:

“The pride of your heart has deceived you.”

Pride is therefore the root of deception and all the horrible consequences that deception can spawn. When we are proud, we usually don’t know it, and the same applies when we are deceived.

It is therefore of the utmost important that we daily seek humility. This means recognising our need to inquire of God, and being willing to let God speak in His own way and time. Sometimes He will only speak to us through others – for example, those in leadership over us. At other times, we may need to seek God together with someone else in order to get the right answer – for example, with a spouse. There are many ways this could play out.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Thanks for posting this short blog. I also really enjoyed the comment above very much.

  2. Hey Micheal,

    I totally agree with you on some humans having pride with the Lord and not being able to endure the Lord all the way sometimes. I also think that it is very important to seek humility as much as we can. I hope to become more wiser in the future and more sensible to the Lord so that I can have the privlage to hear God’s voice. I think the Lord chooses very careful as to who can hear his voice. As far as the evil spirits trying to confuse us,I would suggest to keep those prayers inside the mind. The devil or demons can’t know what we are saying to God when we pray silently. I strongly believe The Lord only chooses those with open hearts. The people who will sacrafice it all for the Lord without caring what others think. Those pepole are the one’s that are greatly reward with have the oppertunity to hear such his voice. My uncle which is the Pastor of my church has heard the voice of the all mighty on 2 occasions. I have begged him to explain to me how God’s voice sounds, and he is just unable to find a word to describe it.One day I will hear his voice. I will do whatever it takes to earn such a wonderful life changing privlege. I will be sure to post it on my blog!

    • Thanks for the blog Michael i jus came upon this site a few days ago and i must say its been very helpful. The article is very helful, and godsgift, i jus want to let u know that god does talk to us, it’s that sometimes we are not in the position to hear him, as well as sometimes what he is telling us we don’t want to hear so we ignore it. God also speaks to us through his holy spirit. Once u have the spirit of god u r his, because the bible tell us that the spirit of god gives us sonship. We jus have to ask god to remove the things that are hindering us from hearing his voice and to give us a heart that is clear so that we can accept what he says when he speaks. to hear god voice is wonderful especially when u really need answer for something important and he answers u, its a wonderful feeling, and u will experience it some day, because god is no repect of persons what he does for orher he will do for u as well. God bless

      • I completly underdstand what your saying. I just so desperatly want to hear his voice Like Moses did. Face to face! I am never going to be worthy of that, but the Lord is so gracious that he might allow it to happen . The holy spirit dwells in my heart and I try my best to listen. I must seek the Lord more and more everyday to recive that gift! Pray for me! God bless you and your family~!

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