Keys to Natural and Spiritual Health

There are of course many different kinds of symptoms when our bodies are not healthy. Doctors spend years studying these different symptoms and methodologies to suppress or manage them with drugs or surgery. But as Raymond Francis points out in his book, “Never be sick again”, there is basically only one kind of disease – and that is – the malfunction of cells in our body. When enough cells misfunction, one of the body’s complex systems will start to perform poorly. Pain and/or fatigue will alert us to the presence of the problem, but we being such clever people, know many ways to shut down pain or drown out fatigue without addressing the root of the problem. With cells malfunctioning and systems breaking down more and more, terrible sicknesses can result.

Just so in the Body of Christ. We can see thousands of defects in the way it is functioning if we look closely, and lots of ways are proposed to help “treat these”. Yet until healthy functioning cells become normative in the Body of Christ, things will not work as intended. All the cells in the Body of Christ must be relationally connected and work together according to the Designer’s plan. Otherwise the parts of the Body that need supply will not get it. Cells all have certain core functions, but they have specialised functions also. Brain cells work different to muscle cells. We have to accept that the Body of Christ needs different kinds of cells in order to be what it ought to be, in reproducing the ministry of Jesus Christ on the earth today. These different kinds of cells need to be connected rightly to other cells, and not treated as aliens to be suppressed, if the plan and purpose of God for the Body is to be fulfilled. Because cells are to have different functions, we cannot rely exclusively on “one size fits all” programmes – prepackaged Christian branded formulas to bring us to maturity and completeness in Jesus Christ. Brands such as “Alpha”, “Purpose Driven”, “G12” and so on contain valuable insights and philosophies which have value but cannot bring us all the way to maturity in Jesus Christ. A never ending cycle of infant food cannot equip us for the fullness of God’s purposes for our lives.

Raymond Francis also points out in his book that there are two causes for the “one disease”of cell malfunction. Put simply, these are “inadequate nutrition” and “excess toxicity”. The majority of Christian adults in the Western world are sick today with some kind of chronic disease or other for reasons which are natural as well as spiritual. Can we really expect to have healthy bodies without having healthy cells? And can we expect to have healthy cells if the special nutrients the cells need are not delivered? Many of us deliver “calories” to our bodies which lack sufficient quantities of the required minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and so on. We poison ourselves with sugar and commerical foods loaded with toxins and then wonder why we feel so bad. Would we ask ourselves the same questions if we were continually abusing ourselves with nicotene, alcohol or other substances of abuse? As Christians, hopefully we avoid these latter things but God is calling us to look after our bodies with proper nutrition so that we can diligently seek God and do all His will for the entire span of life allotted to us in God’s perfect plan.

There is a lack of spiritual nutrition today in the Body of Christ. We have a lot of spiritual junk food. Yes, you can get something good out of it still, it will keep you alive, and its better than nothing, but it won’t deliver all you need.

And then there are spiritual toxins – false teachings, heresies, worldly philosophies that are creeping in and bringing a slow death to our spiritual lives.

They say that proper chewing of food is essential for good digestion. So it is in the spiritual. We need to take the time to properly meditate on the words of Scripture rather than gulping them down in a way that they do little good to our internal being.

Spiritual cells will only function properly when they get adequate nutrition. “Who then is that faithful and wise servant, whom his master has made ruler over all his household, to give them food in due season?” asks Jesus in Matthew 24:45. The right Word needs to be given at the right time. As quality natural food is vital for natural bodies, so quality spiritual food of the right type must be given to the cells in Christ’s body, which can then assimilate what they need for their proper functioning.

Most disease is brought on by an excess of poisons (toxins) that build up in our bodies especially when we eat popular commercial food, fast rarely or never, fail to exercise or to do manual work. Fasting will eliminate natural toxins, and also spiritual ones if we co-operate with God. Jesus told us, “When you fast, do not be as the hypocrites”. He said “when”, not “if” you fast.

A combination of factors have turned many our digestive systems into toxin factories. These is directly impacting our ability to serve God. We need energy to serve God, and we need time. Toxins will rob us of both. We need to elminate them.

Likewise, sin is toxic to every part of our being. There is pleasure in sin for a season, which is why people get into it, but we need to see not the pleasure we get from sin, but the price we must pay for it. Sin costs time, money, relationships, health, peace, joy and love. Sin can bring on judgment, loss, regret, pain and sadness. The Bible says that sin leads to death. Eternal death awaits unredeemed sinners. Jesus paid a huge price to rescue us from sin, but if we don’t want to be rescued from it, we are still in trouble. The presence of sin in a Christian’s life will affect every other Christian he or she deals with. In the Greek, sin means “missing the mark”. It is all about wasted potential. The amount of wasted potential in God’s church today, in Christ’s body, is greater than it will ever be possible to calculate. God is calling us to awaken, and take steps to eliminate the spiritual toxins that are destroying our lives and our fellowship with God and others. There will be a great joy in seeing what God can do through a healthy Body made up of healthy cells that have the necessary nutrients and are not hindered by destructive toxins.

Please let me know if this article has been helpful to you.

Michael Fackerell

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