Just joined,very new at this. I do have my faith

I went thru a long abusive relationship. I had too many mental issues & so did my partner-who would not admit he had any. I didnt know which direction to take. We have children.. We both came from abuse..Not understanding & going into adulthood, we passed the abuse on. I finally came to my senses & have started improving my life. Im doing much better.I want to improve my life more.
Im after a good directional pull. Good support from friends.At this time Im working very hard to make
my home look better. This initself makes me feel better. Its look is different. This has been inspiring initself. I try to repent daily,I know we must as we r humane. Ive lived with this “terrifying”abuse -its very hard to think of getting thru it.Its hard to feel better of your abuse when u have lived with it all your life,even though I truely want to get it released. I dont know how to put it in words for others to understand. Mabe someone on here can offer some help.Its disturbing.One step/one day at a time,as the saying goes.I have many morals I guess of my own.I have never cheated on partner,I felt it was for life. However as he put out so much mental abuse, as I received from my own childhood,I felt it was wrong.Yet,again,I was stuck somehow in my own state of mind.It was messedup.For some odd reason I took it. He was so messed up he left. He had been cheating .Scince that time, my mind & life has been clearing up. I have even talked to my children & told them each “how very sorry about their childhood “I felt I was a very bad mom”.Ive made much improvement on my home,this also has made me feel better of myself. I have been able to lose weight. I have GAD, SAD,which Im working to improve.I dont go for drugs of anykind.I have hard time taking advil.

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