I am searching for a new job in IT Sector for the past 6 months in England but nothing is happening for me, I am so depressed and lost the hope about the future.

previously i was getting at least interviews now even no reply for the past two months

What do YOU think?



  1. lijonty says:

    i went for the interview today….It was good.

    result will be coming in next week, hoping and praying for the best

    thanks for all prayers, hope all will continue, praying for me, to get a positive result from the company

    • Annette1016 says:

      I do think you will be finding a Job soon. I just believe that our God knows your need and will provide for your lack. How has your fasting and prayers been going. Have you found more interviews? I will tell you that lately, the lord has been answering many of my prayers and I do believe he will answer yours also. Be fervent and it will happen. Just put God first. Love, your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

      • i didn’t got job yet, but i got some interviews(not selected on that)
        bit disappointed
        prayers and fasting,i believe i need to be more serious on that………

  2. thanks for all your prayers, hope you all will keep praying for me.

    interview timing:- -02/03/2012 – 14.00 GMT-(may be 1 hour interview) if any body able to pray for me at that time it will be really helpful.

    • childofjesus says:

      Dear one in Christ !
      Be assured that the Lord your God will go with you.Whenever the Israelites prepared themselves for battle, the Lord promised them that He will be with them.

      Joshua 1:9 -“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

  3. childofjesus says:

    Its good to hear that your prayers & fasting is going good.

    Don’t worry..God has good plans for you, plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & life (In Bible – Jeremiah 29:11). Keep your trust on Jesus and prepare well for the interview.

    Today, i heard from Annette (via private message on this site), she is not well.I have informed her about your posts.We will remember you in our prayers, also remember us in your prayers.

  4. Dear Lijonty, Have you fasted? And are you praying? These 2 are keys to reLeASing the power of God in your life also when you fast be sure to wash and do not look as though you are fasting and do not have relAtions with anyone. THis is a part of fasting. Don’t let anyone know what you are doing and pray in private. Do not get discouraged for the lord knows what you need. And faith you must have Faith. It is the substance of things & the evidence of things not yet seen. So as I say, in lay mans speech, we believe then we see. Or we believe we have what we request before we have it physically. But I would be honored to pray for you! Welcome to the site. Hope you visit often. Love in Christ Jesus, Annette

    • Please keep me posted on your progress, love in Christ Jesus, Annette

      • Thanks for the prayers and advices
        I never done fasting in my life, I will be doing it from today

        No major developments in the job search but I do have some hopeful developments yesterday.

        I will keep all updates on the forum; keep me in your prayers.

        • hi Annette,

          my prayers and fasting going good

          happy news,
          I got a job interview for the next friday(on 2 nd march), they are offering good package…look like perfect job for me.

          please keep praying….i am worried………

          thnx for keeping me in the prayers

          • Hi Lijo! I Am happy to hear of your interview. I pray you Do get the package. I will say this, if the doors you r knockiNg on are not opening then its the wroNg Job for you. Also Worries are an enemy of Faith. So cast your cares upon God. Seak Ye First the kingdom of God. Do you know this verse? It is to. Seek God First, Not what he can Do for You. Seek ye First the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you, Good measure, Pressed Down SHaken together, and Running over. If you have ever filled a salt or pepper shaker? Well first you pour in the salt/ pepper, then pound it down, then you shake it to make room for more then if you keep pouring till it overflows. What a great image of Hope he is giving to us. You know that he is not going to hAve your efforts go in Vain. Even if you must take a different Job and work for a bit. Don’t give up. He may just want to find the best job for you dear One. Trust in the Lord and Lean not on yoUr own understanding. Read your bible for it is Food for your soul. Remember when u deny the flesh the Spirit becomes stronger! You will be in my Prayers. Ok! And it looks as though you are in Shantas Prayers. She Is A very Bright beliEver in the Lord from India. And I live in North America, Oh but what a Beautiful Heart she Has. And She is a FaitHful sister. I will alSo send for you to be my contact so you can have easier contact With me. Also if you want to be anyone elses contact, highlight their name and by their info it will ask if you want to become their contact. Just click on that and send a message there. If they wish to be your coNtact too they will click to accept. Ok! Love in Christ Jesus, your sis, Annette

          • childofjesus says:

            I have also found a great sister in Christ in you.Your words full of love & comfort come out from a kind heart.You are a lovely woman in Christ Jesus.
            I have longed for this kind of fellowship and cannot afford to loose it.Its a joy to have fellowship with God’s People.Thank you for your prayers.God Bless you.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            God will open doors! Watch and see! I guarantee it!

          • childofjesus says:

            Hold on to Jesus who has better things in store for us.

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