Jim, Your God is Restrictive!!!

(Warning to all tolerant atheists who will read this in future, I did not address this post to you, so you need not be offended. If you may be offended, click off this now. This is your chance to walk away or take full responsibility for your being offended.)

Jim, God's laws are restrictive indeed. They restrict us from causing harm to others. Of course, when one is so restricted, they tend to resent it and retaliate and accelerate and magnify their harmful behaviors, so God got even more restrictive and said they should be punished by the civil authorities to get it right.

Now, as Christians, Jesus tells us our Kingdom is not of this world, and so we are not to fight.

I am absolutely appalled at what the atheist governments do to Christians! China beats and tortures them and imprisons them. They set thugs on men, women and children to encourage them to become enlightened to the supreme authority of their godless state. For a state without God is GOD – and the rules they implement are for the preservation of themselves and promotion of their ideology, rather than for the common good of all citizens.

That is why I choose your restrictive God to be my God Jim! I look forward to the day when His Kingdom comes and His will is done, when the earth shall be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the oceans! I look forward to the eternity He shall usher in where there will be no more sighing, nor sorrow, nor tears and former things shall all pass away. Until then, we are as sheep to the slaughter and the church will be battered and abused and killed by those tolerant atheists who tolerate themselves and no one else when the get in power. Name me a communist state that does not aggressively root out people of faith, not just Christians. Should you find one, I would ask you to tell me if it does not passively root out people of faith by allowing its citizens to harrass and harm them without gov't protections.

Here are some atheist ruled nations and their atrocities just this year. Go to the link below and toggle the communist nations to see of the reports of abuse for yourself…

CHINA, VIETNAM, LAOS, NORTH KOREA, ETC: http://www.persecution.org/awareness/persecuted-countries/

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