Jesus took my burdens away

Mat 11:29 – 30 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

How encouraging are these words of Christ my Savior. Yet, I wonder how many times I had grumbled at every unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes I felt I had no hope and on the other I had faith in Him who cares for me. I see that the fight with the world is not so difficult as the fight within me. I love my beloved God and trust in His every word then why always I have to face this battle between right and wrong, truth and lie, light and darkness. I guess this world is a spiritual battle field where everyone is being held by two opposite thoughts, one which God gives and the other the Devil forces. Blessed are those who open the door of their heart for the Living Word of Truth.

I had been a child when I first knew Christ for the first time as human (I don’t know what I was before that) and when I started to lean on Him my journey with trials and testing began; He knows how to test every gold and silver and He is the perfect potter. But there is something that I do after he choose me and that is the most significant thing – I choose between right and wrong, good and bad. But, He in His mercies knows that I can’t do anything so He assists me in my every step. Although finally it depends on me to either lose myself to darkness or find life in Him. Best thing is He who made me always keeps His eyes on me and is always there to accept me. It would be very selfish of me if I keep on taking advantage of His love and mercy.

The best word of prayer that I had learned and that has helped me cope with bitter and good times alike is “O Lord! May your will be done in my life for I know what you do is best for me”. I would place my prayers before Him but never forget to honestly ask for His will. Our God is our Heavenly Father and He is some what similar to our own earthly parents as we relate to this topic – whenever we ask something to our parents if it is good for us they will grant it; sometime it is immediately while at times it takes quite long but whenever we ask something which we may think is good for us at that instant, our parents have more experience than us so they know it is not good. They will try to convince us that our wish is not right but when we keep on pressing them they will grant it and leave it to us. How thankful we are when we later acknowledge that how good it was when they stopped us from having the wrong desire.

As I see that in my life there are so many burdens like my personal spiritual life, my responsibility to my parents and siblings, my responsibility to stand with my friends during bad times, my studies, my job, my work as a co-worker with Christ so on and so forth. I’m glad that I had cast all my cares on Him and truly His burden is light. I see Him laden with it as He was climbing the hill carrying my yoke at His back and finally giving me freedom from it on the Cross.

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