Jesus Payed the Bill


My son Jayme was 8 years old at the time. He was playing outside but was in little pain. I had ask him if he was he doing o.K. His response was that he was doing fine. But i say the pain in his face. So he went inside and started to cry. Being a parent i got worred. I called my husband inside. And told him that jayme was in pain. So he went to the room and ask him what hurts. He said it was his testical. So we rushed him to the emergency room. And he had to have an emergency surgery. But before the surgery, he was just crying and wanted me to keep praying for him. And that what i did. At the time, we did not have insurance. And wondering , how are we going to pay for this bill. Well needless to say. The bill came in 4 weeks later.It was $4,700.00. How were we going to pay for this big bill. I have 5 children, one is married and that leaves me home with 4.All of my kids are 22,18,16,15, jayme (now 9).And my husband and i are 38 years old. We are christian believers. I went to my room and
Started to cry.Lord you told me you will never leave me nor for sake me.And if i need you,ask and i shall recieve.I was i prayerand worship.Speaking in another language. And i knew it was the holy spirit. As weeks had gone bythe lord was speaking to me. Telling me to call the hospital. But i did'nt want tolisten,so i went about my chores. Again the lord was saying, call the hospital. Again i did not listen.So i finally turn on the t.V. And watched t.B.N. A christian station. And they were talking about if you here god's voice obey.So i finally call the hospital to make arrangement to pay off this $4,700.00 bill. I have giving them the account number and phone number. She took a while to get back on the phone. When she finally did, she told me that she was going to have to call me back. Well the next day she call me. To my suprise she told me that there is no money to be put down or owed. I started to cry and praising the lord.And never doubt the lord. She said let me look again . And ag
Ain she looked. And nothing,she had told me that's strange.That someone had payedthe account was payed in full. And he sign it in a big red letter.
Payed by j.
By my blood you shall be healed.
Then i knew it was jesus who signed it. And i ran all over the house praising the lord, and screaming in the house that god is so good.
So please have faith and never doubt. If he took care of me he will surely take of you.
Love you in christ;
Barbara ann reyes
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