Internet ministry

I believe the internet and prophecy is my mission from Heaven, and that using the internet can most certainly bring the gospel to others,

I have used yahoo chat, as well as pal talk to prophecy, and I have even gone into the rooms of the lost with the biblical scriptures and prayers for healings

What do YOU think?



  1. michael says:

    The internet has created a multitude of platforms for people to say something. It is really great that you are going and bringing the word of God where lost people congregate on the net.

    I think prophecy is a difficult ministry mostly because the potential for deception and error is very high. Its easy to prophesy thinking God has spoken – its also easy to get off the track and think you are right.

    Prophetic people especially need Bible teachers in order to avoid falling into extremes. There are many spirits which can impress us and we need test the spirits – to see if they are from God.

    I have seen dear friends who are prophetically gifted get off onto wrong tangents and separate themselves from godly fellowship because of their strange doctrines.

    The Word of God is a source of truth for us, and true humility will save us all from disaster.

    • warrior daughter says:

      When it comes to prophecy one has to be certain that they are hearing from God…A lot of the time self gets in the way….So along with fighting self you must be able to discern that it is not Satan putting his thoughts and words into the prophecy….Even if it sounds like the Word of God it must line up 100 % to the Word otherwise it is not from God….A prophet must be in the Word of God constantly and not rely on what they read months/weeks ago for the devil/self can twist the words around….If the prophecy caters to the flesh one knows immediately it is not from God…If the prophecy is full of warnings but there is not a path out then that is not from God…If the prophecy does not contain the character of God, then it is not from God….We are to test all things and that includes prophecy….A prophet is also to be tested by other prophets….As to internet prophecy, one is not on a personal level with the prophet and the prophet could have a life of sin and those on the internet would not know….
      I have meet true prophets of God and also prophets of deception…


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