I am going to put on one of the biggest conferances I have ever put on here soon and I would deeply appreciate all those that like to pray to stand with me in prayer for this conferance.The head lines in the christian paper and secular paper will read A former Satanist will be exposing allot of what is going on today.Sense my minestry began I had no idea ith would grow as fast as it is growing and the prayer request is coming in so much that I had to double my intercessors.This conferance I am excitted about because I will be sharing my testimoney and sharing what is all about,but my brothers and sisters in Christ I am 100% human and there are some that dont like what I am doing so please stand in the gap with me because there are even several christians that have admitted what I am doing but they dont want to get involved because they are afraid of the consequences of getting involved.So those of you that know who you are in christ please stand with me because I am believing for some big miricles to take place at this conferance and I am believing for people to be set free through Christ power flowing in this conferance.Well thank you and have a blessed new year…..Tim

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  1. Eagle-Eye 4031 says:

    Hey MelC !

    What you are doing is great, and I will definitely join in agreement with you, but I like to pray specifics. Where and when is this conference? What is the name of it, and who are the speakers? I’m sure the enemy knows all the specifics, and he will be doing all he can to shut it down! I have the weapons, but little amunition.

    Eagle-Eye 4031

  2. MelodyCat says:

    May God cover your conference and hide you under His wings from the enemy, may the Holy Spirit lead all the teaching and open the eyes and ears of all who come to hear the Word preached. May God remove all obsticles and hinderances from the paths of those He wants to come to this conference. In Jesus Name Amen

    God has it covered. Nothing and no one can hinder what God desires to come to pass.

    I’m sure you will have great testimonies to share here from the conference. Will keep you & the conference in prayer.


  3. Joshuagm1991 says:

    I would love to help and pray. If it’s nearby I would love to come as well.
    This should be amazing! Is it for sure going to be in the Secular paper?
    Praying for the conference! Joshua

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