The Joy of Intercession!

The Lord has recently put on my heart this new year the beautiful gift of intercession 🙂 Just wanted to share this quote with everyone as thought it was beautiful:

Quote from Standing in the Gap by Andrew Murray Chapter 1

‘What a mystery of glory there is in prayer! On the one hand we see God in His holiness, love, and power waiting and longing to bless man. On the other hand there is sinful man, a worm of the dust, bringing down from God by prayer the very life and love of heaven to dwell in his heart.

But the glory of intercession is so much greater – when a man is bold and asks from God what he desires for others. He seeks to bring to one soul, or maybe hundreds and thousands, the power of the eternal life with all its blessings.

Intercession! Surely this is the very holiest exercise of our boldness as God’s children? It is the highest privilege and enjoyment connected to our communion with God. It is the power of being used by God as an instrument for His great work of making people His dwelling place and showing forth His glory.

Surely the church should count intercession as one of the chief means of grace? The church should seek, above everything else, to cultivate in God’s children the power of an unceasing prayerfulness on behalf of the perishing world.

Believers who have to some extent been brought into the secret should know what strength there is in unity. And what assurance there is that God will avenge His people who cry to Him day and night.

It is only when Christians stop looking for help in external union and bind together as one to the throne of God through an unceasing devotion to Jesus Christ and an unceasing continuance in supplication for the power of God’s Spirit, that the church will put on her beautiful garments and her strength, too, and overcome the world.’

The prayer afterwards –

Our Gracious Father,

Hear our prayer and teach Your church, and each of us, what is the glory, what is the blessing, what is the all prevailing power of intercession. We pray that you will give us the vision of what intercession means to You, so that we might carry out Your blessed purpose – what it means to ourselves as the exercise of your royal priesthood, and what it will mean to Your church, and to perishing men, in the bringing down of the Spirit in power – for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Be blessed

What do YOU think?



  1. lookingforhope2011 says:

    In times when fellow believers are in deep battle, I can testify that it is my fellow brothers and sisters who have interceded for me and given me strength to carry on! If it wasn’t for the constant fervent prayers of many that I have met on here I would not be alive today! Thank you.

  2. childofjesus says:

    I want to share a testimony to tell how much God wants us to intercede for His lost and backslidden children.
    I had a believer friend who’s love life failed. She got so upset & anxious about the whole situation that she started seeing another god, as she was continuously being assured (by the follower of another god), that his ‘friend’ will leave his wife and get back to her. When I came to know about this (from other source), I gently told her to keep faith in Jesus only. He will comfort her. I also asked her – why she did’nt tell that she had ‘special feelings’ for her ‘friend’. We could have prayed accordingly & worked it out. By the way this man had proposed her for marriage but she denied saying that she only considers him to be her ‘friend’. Anyways, he got married to another lady (arranged marriage) and this friend of mine now wanted him back and continued seeking help from other god’s follower. I was angry with her & stopped talking to her.
    Meanwhile, I came across Bill Wiese testimony ’23 minutes in hell’. Bill was a believer but God took him to hell to show how people are heading towards it & how one has no hope once reaching that dreadful place. Jesus was weeping for those people. That evening (Easter sunday), I had been to church & praying for all my near & dear ones, God brought my friend’s face in my mind and said ” I am weeping for her”. Immediately I started interceding for her for I knew why Jesus was weeping for her.

    People who believe in ‘once saved always saved’ can be rest assured only if we believers keep interceding for the lost & backsliden people. We are blessed with free will either to respond positively to God’s call or ignore it. We can either choose to bless situation & people or curse them by passing judgement that one day God will pay for all their wrong doings. God does not want to loose anyone & wants everyone to come to Him & receive Him as Savior. Today, He is patient with all lost/backslidden people for He wants to save them but the day will come when He will be our Judge.

    Believers all over the world need our intercessory prayers in times of trials. Our Mighty God pours out His Love & Comfort when His children cry out for mercy.

  3. childofjesus says:

    I have also been blessed with this gift of Intercession. What I have come to know is that our relationship with God becomes more stronger and I have personally understood the depth of God’s Love for every person I intercede for..It is a beautiful gift for God’s children.

    I liked how intercession has been defined in the above article :
    “Intercession! Surely this is the very holiest exercise of our boldness as God’s children. It is the highest privilege and enjoyment connected to our communion with God. It is the power of being used by God as an instrument for His great work of making people His dwelling place and showing forth His glory.”

  4. Lily -N-Valley says:

    This is something I feel compelled to learn more about and understand.

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