(In The Word) 09- Bearing Fruit For God Or The Devil part 2 by Milton Green audio link

Hello everybody,

I hope for you guys who have been going through this teaching series you re being blessed by this. This is a very powerful teaching from thirty years ago by a man who had so much insight on the last days. This is teaching 9 of 16.

I got tickled when I pulled this audio link up tonight because somebody had left a comment on this link. I thought I would post it for laughs and giggles. This comment was left by a Brother Tom.

Here is what he said: A convincing and harsh blast against everything Satan brings to keep the Bride away from obeying, and thereby bearing fruit, unto her Lord. He doesn’t step on toes,,Milt stomps on them with steel healed cowboy boots as Jehu’s horse danced on Jezebel; leaving a similar result. Brutal,and uncompromising, unpolished and unprofessional, Milt gets the job done, cying, “Turn from your selfish and divided heart, and LIVE, for you shall surely die if you do not repent!

Audio link:

God bless,

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