Need Prayer to Break Free in Christ

I’m basically in need of breakthrough in an area of bondage that I feel I’ve opened myself up to in the mind over the years. It’s related to doubt/fear/anxiety attacks on the mind to get me out of a place of abiding in Christ and living in the victory and freedom that there is in Christ. As I look to God by faith for this, and seek to live in this freedom/abiding I find intense resistance to it – in the form of consistent doubts/fears/anxieties assaulting my mind trying to get me off this kind of faith in God that keeps me abiding in Christ and in freedom.


These thoughts are not related to any particular doubt/fear/anxiety but just an array of different kinds of debilatating thoughts. These also include attack on identity, thoughts of what others think, various doubts/fears etc. When I focus my faith on abiding in Christ then I find I get breakthrough and peace/rest/joy/freedom in Christ, but its not long lasting and this feels like a constant daily struggle from moment to moment in my life to try keep me from that place/kind of faith.Its almost like a temptation to either give in to one of those thoughts or keep my faith in God to keep me abiding in Christ/ keep abiding in Christ. And if I give in to one of those doubts/fears/anxiety then it takes me out of that place. Thats probably the best way to describe it. Sorry for the repitition, just finding hard to explain.


I’m looking to the Lord for breakthrough where I can just keep living in that place of freedom and abiding in Christ and in the safety and victory that is in Him, and to close the door to enemy in this area in my mind. It feels like a real mental battle and struggle, I really feel hard pressed by the enemy in this area, like something just doesn’t want to let me go from this area of bondage. It’s definetly feels like an attack from the outside on the mind not anything like demonic possession or anything. I would ask for prayer over this, My name is Daniel, I’m 26, and also if anyone receives any insight or wisdom from the Lord or any encouraging words from the Lord could you please share them with me.


Ta you so much


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