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I as a youth voluntter in St. madiline sophie foundation I teach children how to be a good exxample to other, to make them reallize that god is true, that god loves a little children, every 1st and 2nd sunday of the month our group go to differnt area just to serve,.. cou’z I belive that children is our hope for a resorection of our country!

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  1. kennethleenorth says:

    When I was a child I heard a Christian missionary speak of her work in Brazil. Her name was Helen Bagby Harrison. Her father was a missionary in Brazil. He was a champion for religious freedom and his efforts are attributed by some for the inclusion in the Brazilian Constitution a guarantee of reigious freedom in Brazil. Helen married a missionary and the majority of her life was actively devoted to missionary work. When I was in the fourth grade I invited Ms. Harrison to come to my school and talk to us about Brazil as this was a current subject. I did receive full support of my teacher and Mrs. Harrison gave us a very informative first hand lesson. Later in life I had occassion to hear Ms. Harrison give a prayer request during a ladies luncheon. She asked not for herself or for relatives or for Brazil or even for support of missionary work. Instead, she asked that we pray for our children. After a long and full life of serving God both at home and abroad, she placed the some total of her life’s gleanings on giving importance to this. I still remember the trembling insistence that could be heard in her voice when she asked that we pray for our children.

    Lady_Claire, may God bless you in your work.

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