I’m Back To Tell It!

I was a heroin and cocaine addict. Heroine to go to sleep cocaine to get up, I didn’t shoot the dope but I tooted so much that it is a wonder I had any membranes left in my nostrils. Before that I was alcoholic, homeless and without a place to live more times than I care to remember, on public with four children. I was not raised in the church neither did I know God. And then down in between and underneath all that I was a lesbian, in love with a woman that I could not marry. The devil had a trap set. The key word is the word Was, I’m saved saintfied and delievered by Jesus Christ. Are you trapped in sin and want to be free? Well you can be. I don’t care what it is that have you bound or what got you to that place. You can be free! And free indeed! John 8:36

Genise Johnson

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  1. For many years, I tossed and I turned, asking God not to let me miss what He had for me. My purpose in the earth. I wondered for years why it took so long to finish the assignment that He, God had given me over twenty years ago. People write books in days, weeks, a few months, I said to God. Today I know why it took the time that it took. It all make sense now. I;m Back to Tell It! The Process. Soon to be released.

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