Well , going on 30YRS ago at 16 I was shot in the head and neck , 2 friends were kiled a girl &guy both shot in the chest , Iwent  into a comma instantly I  was in a comma for a week , they did operations told my family if i lived i would be a vegitable ,or have permant brain damage yes I THANK god FOR HIS MERCY. this left the left side of my body paralyzed I was in a wheel chair 3 differnt hospitals my life did’nt change I WAS THE SAME CARL JUST IN whell chair  . i was kicked out the hospital for drugs i could walk a little with a cane about a 2yrs later in my bedroom getting high  i started watching TV I  heard the gospel , beleived and received jesus . he powerfully deivered me! FROM THE DRUGS CIGAREST AND EVERYTHING CONNECTED TO THE STEET LIFE I’M A NEW CREATION OLD THINGS ARE PAST AWAY I LIKE THE WAY THE AMPLIFIED BIBLE SAYS IT . A NEW SPECIES OF BEING THAT NEVER EXSTED BEFORE YES! THATS ME IT’S BEEN GOING ON 30YRS STRAIGHT


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