I really can’t live like this, I need a Miracle

I ask that Jesus forgive me for not listening it wasn’t on purpose, I just thought I was over thinking and did the right thing taking Cipro. I ask that Jesus has mercy on me and lift what the enemy did to me through that antibiotic (Cipro). All last week I’ve been running back and fourth to the doctor. The doctor changed my antibiotic to Cipro, and I knew I should have said no, but I thought it would be okay since I’ve taken it two other times for an ear infection and was fine but last year Cipro did bother my body a tad bit when I took it, but nothing like this. This time was different. Cipro caused me great physical pain all through my body, arms and legs. Cipro is known to do this, so a different doctor told me not to take Cipro anymore, and gave me another strong antibiotic. I’m doing fine on that, but though I stopped taking Cipro I was back at the doctor’s office the next day, because the great pain Cipro caused didn’t go after changing the antibiotic, so the doctor put me on a steroid, but the pain is still there. I need a Miracle.


What do YOU think?



  1. childofjesus says:

    Dear Diana,
    I’ve started praying for your healing..Take courage my friend. God loves you and will not leave you in this pathetic condition..When I was suffering from an infection, I cried out the same way like you, God constantly reminded me that when I’m weak then He is Strong..Wait upon Him, He will Strengthen you & guide you to the right doctor if required.

    With prayers

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      Someone told me about a holiness pentecostal pastor named Tommy Bates. So I got on YouTube and looked him up. He sings a song titled “Two Coats” it is really encouraging. He also has a lot of other useful Bible based sermons on there too. Maybe with hearing some of his preaching you will be encouraged. I don’t know the background of the pastor real well but from what I’ve seen and heard so far I believe that he is speaking Gods word. Blessings to you!

  2. yankeegurldownunder says:

    dear kiaa
    dont listen to people that judge you
    just remember God loves you

    and there are wolves in sheeps clothing
    espically those who claim to heal you

    dont listen to them

    i will keep you in my prayers
    i do know what your going through
    God bless you


  3. SkinnyRabbit says:

    Hey there, hope your ear infection is better; they can be very nasty!
    There’s a big difference between a friendly ear and some sound advice than being talked at.
    Some people believe that what they have to say is very important, that what they say is right and everyone should hear. Well, I reckon you should ignore some of these negative postings and rejoice in those that are lovely, supportive and down to earth!
    People have different ways of communicating, some appropriate and some not. There is a time and a place and if such people are going to comment in a way that is misguided than I hope and pray that Jesus knocks some sense into them!
    Don’t be disheartened if God doesn’t answer your prayers… in some cases He just doesn’t and we’ll never know why; I am sure for the good of us though one way or another!
    God bless.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      If you want your prayers answered,1st refuse to doupt, 2nd get to a church and stay in prayer until your deliverence. by refusing to leave church even if you have to ask the pastor permission to stay after hours,wait on the lord. God trys the heart,wheather you will trust him to seek until delivered. don’t think Samson would have ever been born if his barron mother would have given up and left the alter.you will find all through the bible of great miracles because people (even in doupt)refuse to doupt ! the difference between gold and stubble is found in the test of fire, 1 will burn up,the other will be made pure. This is what God expects of his children.to wait on the Lord,not just on a day when we have nothing else to do.

      • lookingforhope2011 says:

        Amen to that. And if you don’t have a strong spirit filled church close get real with a spirit filled believer and pray it through. There are some really strong spirit filled believers on this site. They help encourage me constantly!

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          For those that find themselves in a place where a good church is not available.Then use a less traveled room in the home or buy a small tent or something and build a small alter and use it,if you have enough room make a place also for teaching your family,like sunday school.God will bless this.2

  4. taleahbailey says:

    hey, i don’t understand that much about some of the gifts. pleese help mee.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      Some are preachers,some are prayer warriors,then there are the gift of tongues, and evanglist,gifts of faith and healing,but all can use these gifts dependant on the need.but to find your gift,I feel that it will match your strongest views and convictions,these things will show you your place.

  5. Blackmagicrescue says:

    If you want to know of a really amazing way to get rid of the side effects from your medicine, and help with your ear infections, contact me and i will explain it to you…www.black-magic-rescue.com

  6. Heya Charmlit

    First off, Kiaa has only been a user on this site for about 19 hours, this site doesn’t ‘attack’ people but receives them with love and understanding most of the time, and I personally disagree with Kiaa’s comments. It wasn’t your fault that you followed your doctor’s instructions on what medicine to take, anyone of us would do the same, and often I get ‘inner warning’ of like ‘should say no’ but ignore it. It’s very normal 🙂

    I think you should follow faithishearing’s advice, and I would also add, you could maybe find a church and ask for prayer to be healed, there’s also a skype prayer thing on this site where you could just talk to people: http://www.christian-faith.com/forjesus/call-to-online-prayer

    Otherwise, ye, just seek God for healing and relief for your ear infection, and believe Him for it. (According to your faith, it shall be done to you 🙂 ) Don’t let unbelief rob you of what Jesus can do for you. Read Matthew 9:27-34.

  7. tunjiomoniwa says:

    God is not man, He knows our inner thought and He knows our end from beginning. Sincerity is a vital tool in which we recieve from God. Most experiences in the bible are linked to sincerity before God. JESUS sees ur motive for going into this, whether intentionally, He knows… Deep within ur heart, are u really sincere. Never hide ur shortcomings b4 God. God loves u, we love u, and ur healing is sure.

  8. faithishearing says:

    I don’t think you can be blamed for taking the advice of a medical professional. That is what most people do, and is, in most cases is a very good thing. The point is, you did not wish for any of what happen to you to happen, and you cannot help that you had an adverse reaction to the medicine, people simply don’t plan for these things.
    You have tried already to go to doctors, and that did not help.
    I will pray to God for your healing, and you should pray as well. The Word says:
    “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17
    “But when the multitudes knew it, they followed Him; and He received them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who had need of healing.” Luke 9:11
    “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10
    Don’t let anything or any one take God’s blessings away from you. I’ll be praying for you.
    ~Peace and Blessings

  9. please see bottom

  10. Hi Diana,

    I don’t think you will like what I have to say but I think it might be good for you.

    I think you have to start taking responsibility for your own life. You are in control of your life. God is not going to come running saving you every time. The best way to say “sorry” and mean it is to start treating yourself in healthy ways. That would include making responsible choices for yourself. Don’t eat unhealthy things and don’t let other people run over you or push your around. Don’t blame the doctor for giving you the wrong advice. You had a choice to choose otherwise. Please start taking care of yourself.

    Being Christian does NOT mean that you can do whatever you want, be irresponsible and think that God will save you. He will not. You will suffer the consequences of your choice. He will forgive you but that means you have to change, and be strong yourself.

    If you just want God to bend to do what you want, then it might be more effective if you ask satan.

    • That was just plain mean. Lord knows, I don’t do what ever I want in this life. I was only trying to take care of my health because of really bad ear infections in the past. I do not do what ever I want to, ask JESUS. I suffered most of my life for things that wasn’t my fault. I’ve been living in a shell my whole life. As a matter a fact I wish I was never born and your post confirms that. Thanks!

      • Hi Diana,

        Did you think that it was just coincidence that I came along and be mean to you? Did you think that it was not your fault?

        You posted here and made yourself a victim. You had a choice, you did not have to post here. By posting what you posted, you opened yourself up to the possibility that someone can attack you.

        Now do you still think you suffered most of you life for things that wasn’t your fault? If they are not your fault, then get up and start living your life the way you would like, the way it would be enjoyable to you.

        I am not being mean. I am not getting a kick out of this. I am trying to help you for the long haul. I know that if I just give you some smoothing words, you might feel a bit better but you will come back for more in 2 secs.

        Anyways, I will not reply to you anymore since I don’t think I am helping. I don’t think you are ready to realize certain things.

        I sincerely hope that you get better. Please just know that when you think positively, you will attract positive things as well. So, if you stop blaming others and just focus on the positives, you WILL get better.

        please take care~

        • I never said Cipro wasn’t my fault.Those doctors just care about money. I am prone to terrible ear infections, and they come on silently. I didn’t want another bad ear infection, so I thought I was doing the right thing. I started to take this Indian Herb for my ears but got afraid of kidney failure and possible liver damage, so I took Cipro but could have told the doctor I wanted something else, but I thought I was overacting, because I was pretty much okay taking Cipro two other times, I really believed I would be okay.

          I use to visit this site but all you did was discourage me today, even though you didn’t mean to. I didn’t think anyone would hold back their opinion but I had NO idea that this site “attacks” people.

          I’m sorry, Kiaa for the misunderstanding.

      • These modern medicines are something else, aren’t they? You never know from one day to the next, if one of them is going to do you in or not. I had an experience from taking Actifed and Robitussin 30 minutes apart. That night after I took it, I woke up and went into a horrific anxiety attack. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I figured it out later. I thought I was going to die. I even remember telling the Lord, “I guess I will be seeing you in a little bit.” My husband had to take me to the emergency room. As you can see, I lived through it. As a result, I suffered anxiety attacks even after the medicine wore off, but not as bad as the first attack. It took quite a while to get over it. It affected my appetite along with it, so I lost weight. After about a year, I got over the worst of it.

        Today I still have to be careful about what I take. Sometimes I just tough out a situation rather than take medicine for it. Once you get stung like that it is hard to trust any medication. I feel for you in your situation.

        Anxiety causes your mind to feel like its racing. What the brain is trying to do is to figure out what is wrong. If you give your brain a problem, it is going to continue to look for an answer until it solves it. Therefore you have this racing feeling.

        These are some things I did to help myself. First of all I leaned on my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Next I found some Bible verses to comfort myself with. One night I woke up and my mind immediately thought of “The just shall live by faith, not by sight.” I knew the Lord was telling me that I was going to have to walk by faith through this experience. That isn’t all that easy to do.

        I drew support from my family. Words of encouragement and plenty of hugs always helped. Just to hear someone say “you’re going to be all right” is very encouraging.

        One day I was walking down the hallway of my home, and something spoke to me in my mind and said “you’re going to have to turn around and walk the other way.” I knew what it meant. I had lost from 120 lbs. to 105 lbs. I could not stand to lose any more weight. From that day forward I vowed to think as positive as I could and to be as thankful as I could. I tried to steer clear of negative stuff as much as possible.

        I tried to busy myself as much as I could, so as not to think about what I was going through. I had a pretty clean house in those days. It was a chore just to go to the grocery store. I had to tell myself “if you are all right at home, you are all right where you are right now. God can take care of you wherever you are.” I basically talked to myself the whole time.

        At the time this happened to me, my husband and I were living at Columbus AFB in Columbus, MS. I went to the counselor on base to see if he could help me with the anxiety. He gave me a relaxation technique to try. That helped some.

        Let me tell this funny part and I will shut up. At one of the next sessions, the counselor gave me a verification test. It is supposed to let a counselor know, whether a person is telling the truth or not. I think I had 100 questions I had to answer. Let me insert here, that when you’re anxious, it is hard to sit still any length of time. His instructions to me were to answer the questions as quick as I could and not to dwell on them. In other words, check the first thing that came into my mind. It was like a yes, no, or sometimes type thing. Another man had gotten there before me and was taking the same test. He had already been in the test room for 2 hours. This was my thought: I am going to go in there and get out there as fast as I can. I answered the test questions in 30 minutes to the surprise of the counselor. The other man was still in the test room. By the way, my test turned out to be valid.

        I don’t know if anything I have said has been helpful, but maybe you got a laugh out of it. Laughter always helps when you’re going through a trial. Have a nice day.

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