I Need You – a Song

This song expresses gratitude to the Lord Jesus for all he has done, as well as dependence.


I need you, ‘coz you took my shame and you paid my way, Lord
I want you, ‘coz you fill my heart with all that’s good and
I love you, ‘coz you first loved me and you set me free and
Without you, I’d be lost and hopeless, not sure what to do.
But with you, I can shot for joy ‘coz you have made me new
Thank you, ‘coz you paid my debt and you gave your peace to me
I’m free, and I want the world to know how great you are,
How great you are, how great you are, how great you are

I wanted to use a program to create basic drums and bass which is what the first version has.
If anyone would like to help me present this song more professionally I will be grateful.

What do YOU think?


About Michael Fackerell

The Christian faith is about Jesus. He came to save the lost. About Jesus Christ, Bible teaching, Testimonies, Salvation, Prayer, Faith, Networking.


  1. Nice song, Michael. Yes we all need Jesus and there are no words good enough to tell how great our God is.
    I like music very much but can’t sing that well.
    Once I had to teach my church children (age group 3-5 years) some verses from the Bible. I came up with some nice tunes for the verses. The children learnt them very fast.

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