I need a lot of prayer and guidance…

Please read this in the Spirit since I can’t really explain everything.

My fiancee and I took a “break” from Christ for about 8 months, in the meantime engaging in a whole bunch of sin and ruining a lot of things throughout our lives. I’m done with it, cause I just can’t handle being away from Christ anymore, especially since its been killing me almost from the start. However, she doesn’t want to come back just yet. Needless to say, we’re still stuck in sexual immorality and we can’t get out.

Long story short, I’m worried for her and for our relationship and I’m confused about what to do. I’ve been in prayer for a couple months about what to do and whether to end the relationship and all that stuff, but I’m getting a weird answer. First of all, both from Scripture and from other Christians I’m told that since we’ve become sexually involved with each other, we should marry (and sooner than we have planned). When I begin to seek further about marrying an unbeliever or joining myself in a relationship of unrighteousness, the answers I get have to do with walking by faith and not by sight and being patient. Basically, I’m kinda left thinking that I need to trust God to bring her about and be patient in the meantime, and I’m still confused as to where the whole marrying her sooner comes in, since she’s not following Christ.

I think its mostly because I’m very unstable and weak from all this, but I want to run this by you guys and see if this is truly from the Spirit or if its something else like me cherry-picking or something like that. Not only that, but if this isn’t sound advice, then along what lines should I start searching and praying?

Thanks guys…I can’t wait until the Spirit regains control of all this, it hurts to see what we’ve done :'(…

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