I hear you Lord

I hear your voice, my God
I hear you talk with me
Your words drips to my being
Your words gives me life

When I am down and depressed
When I am sad and confused
When I forget my way
I hear you speak to me

You speak to me
And give me hope
You promise to lead my way
You touch me with your words

I know you talk to me
With the voice within me
Even with the voice of others
You make me feel and I hear you

Yes, Moses heard your voice
I’m glad I hear you too
Your spirit in me
How can I deny, joyfully I listen to your voice

If I cannot hear my creator
Whom could I hear?
How I will know the whisper of wind?
How could I know to speak?

Most enriching is this Blessing
To hear you Lord
But until I follow you
How I will know to hear you Lord?

Give me a heart to hear you Lord
And a desire to obey you my God
All that is good is from God
And I know, I hear you lord.

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