I have been dismissed from my work.

I have been dismissed from my work as some of my colleagues have ganged up against me and tried to get me out of work. I was discriminated by my manager and suffered a lot of harassment from my work colleagues. When I raised my voice against discrimination and reported the matter to the HR management, they told me that they would investigate. In the mean time they brushed the matter under the carpet and dismissed me from work. I trust in my Lord as my help comes from Almighty. Please pray for me that I get a job in this difficult situation.

Praise the Lord.

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  1. Hello Phil. Be encouraged in the Lord. He has better plans for you.

    Dear Lord. May you restore Phil and establish him according to thy word in Isaiah 54. Father I pray the blessings of deuteronomy 28 on Phil. I pray the prayer of Elijah on Phil. Answer him, a God who answers by fire. Show him a proof of Good according to thy word in Psalms 86.17 so that his enemies may see this and know that you are God. AMen.

  2. MelodyCat says:


    I know what it is like to have work colleagues decided they don’t like you for some reason and work towards getting you sacked. Fortunately for me the Lord provided me with someone who investigated the accusations and was able to dimiss them. I still ended up leaving because I found they didn’t remove me from working with these people and their continued hostility and non cooperation with me to get things done took it’s toll. I was a nervous wreck and so sick I had to leave for my own sake.

    It’s not pleasant being treated like that. However, don’t allow what they have done to continue. Don’t keep suffering under what they have done or said. Make a decision to forgive them and to begin to heal. Turn to your Heavenly Father and He will provide for you another job and heal you from this. The only way to fully be free from these people is to forgive. God has always looked after me when it comes to finding a new job.

    Lord I hold up Phil to you for healing from this treatment he has received at the hands of his employer and work colleages. Praying for vindication so that Phil can have his reputation restored. Praying for another job (despite the slow economy) where he will be accepted and able to go to work not fearing what they will do to him. May you bless him and enable him to forgive. In Jesus Name Amen

    • Timothy Luke says:


      I appreciate your love and insights that you share. You are a blessing to know on these forums! Amen to your prayer for Phil!


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