I AM Coming

The following is a prophetic letter put out by Prophet Susan Davis in a series called `I AM Coming’, this is part 26. It is a dictated letter from the Lord Jesus with urgent warnings to prepare. The whole series can be seen on this website – http://end-times-prophecy.com/blog/


“Susan I will give you words. This is JESUS. I am going to give you words. The world is slowly, but surely coming to a close. All is winding down. Soon the world will reach a point of no return. The climax of the end is approaching. I am about to make MY move. The world will be amazed at the events that are culminating.

I have been clear about MY plans. This world is reaching the end of what GOD will tolerate. It is funny that so many believe that I, GOD, will continue to tolerate so much evil. The people, even MY own people, have slid so far away from MY standards of Holiness that all seems fine and normal. It seems perfectly fine to them. They think that what they see going on in the world is no problem. The people come and go as they always have. The people have lost sight of what is fine and good and acceptable to a HOLY GOD. The world has degenerated to a point where even the Christians walk amongst the world and partake of the same activities and blend so easily. There is no discerning the people of GOD with the heathens. MY people participate in the same vile activities and language and then come to ME one day a week and expect to find ME waiting for them with open arms as if all is well.

MY people engage in the same daily events and then turn to ME and assume I will accept their visit with ME as fruitful. Then they turn back to the world and play with its evil as if all is well. Well, all is not well. I will not call these MY people when I see them participating in worldly games and activities. Why do the people believe that MY standards as outlined in MY book have fallen so low to accommodate a world that does not respect or revere a HOLY GOD? Why do MY people regard MY Rules and Standards so little?

MY people who call themselves by MY Holy Name: why do you go into the world and look so much like the world? I cannot see any difference between you and the world. You walk among those of the world and you seek to be like them in every way. You want all the good things you think I, GOD offer, but you also want to play and engage with the ways and things of the world. It cannot be.

The things of GOD that you so desire are not to be given out to those who treat them commonly and with such disrespect. I am a HOLY GOD and MY Kingdom is pure and HOLY—untouched by evil. MY people need to walk away from the world. Come out…be separate…come away from the world. Stop engaging with the world: and believing that you will inherit the pure and HOLY things of GOD in the life to come. The road is narrow. Few find the narrow path. Those who find it have come away from the lusts and love interests of the world and all it offers. MY people, you cannot handle the unclean and see the impure and also walk the path to MY Kingdom with ME.

You must come to ME now in this late hour and surrender, repent, and turn to ME now so that I can wash your garments white and prepare you to come into MY beautiful, pure Kingdom. All is ready, but now is the deciding hour for ME to receive a pure, untouched, clean bride for MYSELF.

You cannot come with ME if you persist in following the wide path of the unclean things of the worldly. You may have your way with the world, yes, this is your choice, but I cannot bring you with ME into MY pure, white precious home I have prepared for MY sweet bride. I must leave you and the hour is closing in.

If you wait too long, I have no choice but to leave you behind. Sad though it may be, you will give ME no choice. I love you and I want you to come to ME, receive MY SPIRIT and be made ready. But you must receive ME as your LORD and Savior. Repent of your eagerness to be part of the evil world and turn back to MY HOLY Ways.

The things of this world are leading you astray. I cannot have you in MY World with MY people if you persist in following after your lusts for the unclean things of the world. I am a HOLY GOD and I ask no less than the same of MY children. Be HOLY as I am HOLY. Did I not say this in MY Book? I can bring you to this place MY dear children only if you surrender and repent of your sin to ME, JESUS your SAVIOR. Then I can give you MY SPIRIT, the HOLY SPIRIT. He will then show you the narrow path and lead you into righteousness. This is the only way to enter MY Kingdom, to leave this planet, and be saved in these last minutes when I come for MY bride.

You are down on the wire and now you must choose. Do you stay in the world and follow after the pattern of evil or will you turn to ME and take MY safe route out and come home to the Kingdom? I have many mansions for you. They are planned out with you in mind. I have spared nothing to bring you great pleasure in this life, life abundant, life eternal. What must I do to pull your grip off of a dying, fading, crumbling sin-ridden world to MY LIFE of unexpected, uncalculated intense beauty? Your mind cannot comprehend the incomprehensible. You cannot dream dreams that your mind cannot conceive of the world that is prepared for those who love ME.

Now you can stay and choose for the world, but it will be a sad ending for you. You will face the worst. The world is changing rapidly. The enemy will consume the world and his ways will reign supreme. You will either, fold into his ways, and ultimately separate yourself from ME your LORD and MAKER for eternity OR you will have to reject the system of the enemy and then you will be at his mercy. It will not be an easy choice for MY lukewarm church on the earth. The enemy is savage and he will make it difficult to choose against him. Death will be the only escape from his grip. Death would be an easy escape, but he won’t make it so easy for the ones who choose for ME after the bride is removed from the earth. I, GOD am trying to outline the options you have in this closing hour. I want you to know the consequences of your choices.

Soon, very soon this world will go dark. You won’t see it because you refuse to look, but the truth remains: I am coming to get MY bride. She will be safe, but the world will come undone. I bring truth. This truth is hard to find anywhere else. The enemy does not want you to have the truth. Even those who call themselves Christians are afraid to tell or believe the truth.

I am trying to warn you in this late hour. MY Book has been clear that a day would come for ME to remove MY bride. I have stated the things to look for when the hour approached. I have been exceeding upfront that you should watch, be vigilant, and not slumbering when the time was close for those events to take place. Yet most are sleeping, most are occupied, most are even angry at the thought that MY return could be so near. Why are you so angry? Why are you so sad at the idea that MY coming has now arrived? Could it be that MY coming is spoiling your plans? Could it be that you are so busy lusting after the world that MY coming is wrecking your plans to engage with the world?

Don’t you know that this world is an enmity to ME? Then why are you so displeased when you hear MY coming is now? You evil generation, you disgust ME. I am a jealous GOD. Choose for ME or choose against ME, but I won’t have you as MINE as long as you have a roving eye that lusts for the evil of this world. I offer you a Kingdom that is so superior to this evil world and yet you must have this world as if it reigns supreme in your heart.

You have put ME way down on your list, way toward the bottom. I, GOD, your MAKER, your CREATOR, comes down below your children, your work, your hobbies. I am second fiddle in a long list of worldly pursuits. You make time with everything but ME. You have many gods before ME. You worship your church programs and your riches. Do you not believe I had anything to do with the things in your life that you put before ME? Do you not know that I, GOD have given you these blessings, yet you have no regard for ME, for if you did I would not be so distant from your heart. You need eye salve only I can give. You need ME.

I ask you again plainly: will you surrender, repent, and turn to ME? You have precious little time left. If you accept MY offer, I will keep you from the coming hour of destruction. But soon the offer will not be there any more. Waste no time, the hour is at hand. I am being generous even now with MY warnings to the earth. MY compassion is great and MY longsuffering and tolerance for this evil generation has been great, but there is a limit to MY patience as I am about to make MY pick up of the bride and delivery to her new home above.

I am waiting briefly. Stop stalling. Make a choice. The hour is winding down. Please choose for ME. You will never be disappointed. MY Love is great.
I am JESUS…the one true WAY to life everlasting.”

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