I am a Christian who is thinking of buying a house where I belive the current owners are in the occult

I hope I can get some good, biblical sound advice. My husband and I have been looking for a house for several months and finally found a house that we like. However, we have become aware that the current owners may be involved in occult activities. I’m not too familiar about these things, I did notice the following around the house: several gargoyles, lots of framed pictures of black cats, lots of abstract dark (smeared red and black) art, lots of books on popular vampire, witchcraft, tarot card subjects. A few crosses around the house but strange looking…
and as I was leaving I saw the owner walking her dog and she was dressed all in black, very gothic. My question is, based on this information, is the house cursed? Should I forget this house? My husband really likes it and wants to buy it, but I feel very uneasy. Please help.
Thank you.

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