I am a Christian who is thinking of buying a house where I belive the current owners are in the occult

I hope I can get some good, biblical sound advice. My husband and I have been looking for a house for several months and finally found a house that we like. However, we have become aware that the current owners may be involved in occult activities. I’m not too familiar about these things, I did notice the following around the house: several gargoyles, lots of framed pictures of black cats, lots of abstract dark (smeared red and black) art, lots of books on popular vampire, witchcraft, tarot card subjects. A few crosses around the house but strange looking…
and as I was leaving I saw the owner walking her dog and she was dressed all in black, very gothic. My question is, based on this information, is the house cursed? Should I forget this house? My husband really likes it and wants to buy it, but I feel very uneasy. Please help.
Thank you.

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  2. MelodyCat says:

    Lots of good advice but I’ll share what happened to my mum and I.

    Before I got married my mother and I bought a flat together. We kept getting lots of people ring or come to the door looking for the previous owner. So curious I asked a few of them why they wanted to get in touch with the previous owner (an elderly lady). Answer was “she was their medium or palm reader”.

    Well that also explained the strange spiritual occurences. I wasn’t too sure what to do all those years ago. However I had read in the Bible you can rebuke demons. My mother told me for a few nights she felt something tugging on her at night and pressing hard on her chest and neck so she couldn’t breath. So I stayed up (well slept on a chair) in her room and witnessed something dragging my mother out of her bed. I rebuked it in Jesus Name and it left. My poor mother was so far out of the bed she dropped hard on the floor and she was gasping for air.

    I had already spoken to several pastors and none would come to bless the flat or pray over it. So my mother and I decided to use oil (kitchen cooking oil) and we anonited every window and door and prayed the Lord’s Prayer, claimed each room for the Lord and rebuked whatever was there to leave and not come back “in the Name of Jesus”.

    We didn’t know what we were doing but thought that might do the trick and it did. After that we had no more strange occurences and my mother didn’t have another visit back from whatever it was that attacked her at night.

    Basically get the house blessed and anointed and you should be fine. When I married turns out the house we bought had a person die here and one person commit suicide. The neighbours knew the history. We didn’t have any physcial occurences with whatever was there but it did make a lot of noise in the day but especially at night and on a few occasions you heard such banging in the roof even the neighbours heard it and came over. So we did the same as my mother and I did with our flat and it worked.

    I was amazed the neighbours heard the loud banging that seemed to come from the roof. My hubby & the neighbours husband both went up in the roof on more than one occassion and found no one there.

    I was really scared the time I saw my mother being dragged out of bed as it was the first time ever I had seen or experienced that kind of thing. After doing what the Bible said I could see that “the Name of Jesus” is the Name above all Names.

    What does the Bible say? You only need the faith of a mustard seed.

    If you take the house don’t worry about it as you know ahead of time to have a pastor come pray over the house. If you can’t find a pastor to do it ask a mature Christian you know to stand with you as you pray over the house together. Where two or three gather in my Name, God will hear your prayers and you will have the house cleansed and made Holy in His Name.


  3. Marina just remember the one that is in you( THE LORD JESUS) is bigger than those miserable little demons that may remain in that house, THE LORD JESUS has won the battle for you 2000 years ago on the cross.
    Between you and those little miserable demons, WHO SHOULD BE SCARED OF WHO? I am sure as soon as you walk in that house praising the name of Jesus the remaining demons will feel the fire and they will run for their life, Jesus and demons cannot share the same house, Jesus is the King of kings.
    You may invite your pastor or some christians friends to come and dedicate the house to the Lord if your husband insist in buying it.
    May our Saviour Jesus be with you and your familly.

  4. Marina, it looks to me that you have already been given some good advice. I would also agree that the first thing that you and your husband determine together is whether or not it is the will of God for you to have the house. If so, then the issue is settled. After this, you will need the wisdom of God on how to pray over the house, etc. You may have to do nothing at all, but simply take ownership of what has already been given to you by God. If God has given you the house, he will also be faithful to give you whatever wisdom you need after moving into the house.

  5. If you want the house get it. All the better for scattering and plundering evil. You can forbid the wicked spirits from returning to the house otherwise the next owners may not know why they are falling deeper into evil. Just go through every room after you have armoured up in prayer. “Claiming it for Jesus (loudly) and the blood of Jesus is against any evil SO GET OUT!!!” Have the front and back door open so they can get out. (I have seen demons needing to use the door for exit.) Some spirits may be away at the time and not aware of what happened. Such as some visit after spiritual doors have been left open on certain dates. 31 Oct. Just do the same affirming they have no legal ground as the use of the house is for the Lord Jesus.
    Your house should feel peaceful and no aggitation whatsoever. Visitors will notice also after you anoint with oil in the name of Jesus. I walk through again after the first prayer and demands, this time praying gently to Jesus now and placing oil over the top lintel and on either side (like the passover blood was placed when the Israelites eventually fled Eygpt) of the doors and windows.
    Fragranced oil or olive oil is fine. Only do not use the same oil you use for the house, for anointing yourself.

  6. lookinforacity says:

    Hi Marina

    You should ask your pastor what he might think of your plan to buy the house, and what he might suggest.
    But if your husband persists in his desire of purchasing it, you could always go to your pastor, and have the house anointed, dedicating it to the Lord. If that can’t be done, do it yourself.

    You need to understand, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the house, if you didn’t have these suspicions about the owners, you wouldn’t have written for help? Do you think you would ever have thought anything was wrong, if you didn’t have this knowledge? The saying is, “ignorance is bliss.”

    But if you still have reservations about buying this house, based upon what you have said, for your own peace of mind don’t buy it, these reservations you have could grow into bigger problems in the future.
    An example would be, no matter what might happen in the future, you will always have these thoughts in the back of your mind.

    There isn’t any direct scripture which would cover your question, however there is scripture where Paul gives advice about eating food that has been sacrificed to Idols, 1Cor. 8 & 1Cor.10 these chapters might in some way give you some knowledge, which you can relate to and incorporate it into your own situation.

    I know how you must feel, but our God is bigger than anything that might possibly be wrong with this house, because of the present owners activities.

    I hope this will help you in your decision.
    However, if you do decide to buy this house


  7. Timothy Luke says:

    Marina, I agree with Pio. Jesus said, "my sheep hear my voice." This means if you are a sheep of His, you should be able to hear what the Spirit of God says about this particular home. There is nothing the devil defiles that the Lord cannot restore. If this home is the place God has given you, then you can be assured it can be redeemed. Israel moved into a land consumed with idolatry and the Lord blessed them there. If it is the Lord's will, let us know and we can rejoice with you and perhaps help you walk through any lingering fears you may have, and pray for your house.

    PS – If your husband decides to buy the house and you do not have your peace, remember the Lord is your covering as long as you keep his commandments, which include honoring your husband as the head of the home.

  8. You need to pray if it is the will of God. If it is, and you are both mature Christians, what an excellent opportunity to eliminate the instruments of evil! Wow, I would enjoy it God using me to burn to ashes those instruments. The God of the universe watches and is delighted. It is impossible that any evil will touch you without the permission of God. 1 John 4:4 4 You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Just make your conscience clear and make sure that you are filled with the Holy Spirit always.

  9. Joshuagm1991 says:

    Hey, I don’t really have much answers for this kind of issue.
    I would assume it would be a spiritual battle to cleanse the house, but like I said I’m not exactly sure what God would have you do.
    I just didn’t want to leave you hanging and nobody respond.
    Wish I could help.
    Good luck, Joshua.

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