How To Remove Black Magic and Demon Possession

     Finding out how to remove black magic is no easy task. Many people are searching everywhere they can to find someone to fix their spiritual problems. Most are turning to psychics and spiritualists which just makes everything a lot more dangerous. It is a problem that effects every person in every religion and culture and is growing progressively worse and more prevalent with each passing day.

     All you need to do is find one religious forum and you can be sure that someone is searching for information on how to remove black magic or demonic possession. There are so called methods in other religions, but based on my experience only one thing works. Most people already have heard of this method, but reject it instantly without trying it.

     They may reject the method because of present religious beliefs; they may think it is only for other people. Others may reject this cure simply because the darkness has too tight a grip on them and will not let them get free. Some may reject it due to the fact that only god decides when someone will get healing and is a matter of divine timing.

     From personal experience, I know that any black magic and demonic possession effecting you will do everything it can to hinder you from getting well. If you have an aversion or a strong response to the cure I am about to present and you are being affected by evil problems, you can definitely assume it is due to the evil trying to stop you from getting healing.

     Often times the demons will plant ideas in your head that you are unable to get past. These ideas are how the evil is able to control you. Therefore, you must try to let go of your ideas that arise when I tell you how to get healed because I have been through it myself and I know how it works. And I know, because I have tried every religion on the planet and every method known to man. I have travelled to distant countries and wasted huge amounts of money, when the answer was right in front of me the whole time. And it was free.

     This is not about me trying to convert anyone. I do not agree with the separatist labels organized religion has induced in our society. My soul mission is to help you and to ease your suffering because I know what is needed.

     If you are deeply suffering and you are ready to get free of the evil problems in your life and make the effort, all you need to do is make the decision to invite Jesus Christ into your heart as your savior. I promise you, this is really the only way you can get free of evil problems like black magic and demon possession. It is the only true healing available to mankind.

     Other people may oppose what I say, but I have been through it so I speak from personal experience. If you are having black magic problems or demonic possession, please do not be misled and pay people money for healing, magic solutions, or rituals. It flat out will not work and will make your life worse.


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  1. name is Solomon and I was badly suffering from black magic….since last 3 years I was in a huge mess due to black magic .and was under huge and pay my loans and debits I had to sale my car, motor bike,air condition,washing machine,television, computer, laptop,fridge, everything…….. Also was the last stage of blood cancer…….and then I started reading bible daily for 3 hours. And day by day getting closer to Jesus.he gave me new life and healed me.he helped me 100% to pay all my loans,debits and now I’m spending very happy and blessed life.
    I’m thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ for new life and for everything he did for me and still giving me blessings.

    • Amen brother. The Lord has changed your life… He has changed mine too in a special way… There is no one on earth who loves me more than the Lord…
      I don’t know if I am emphasizing Christianity but I am speaking the truth.
      The name of the Lord is above all our sickness has a name problems has a name but praise the Lord THE NAME OF THE LORD IS ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES…

  2. i have been through so much…even though u dont think about it,evil can still affect you…3months ago,i had dreams that showed me evil i ignored it…i was fine…2days later i got a private call it lasted 9sec,i ignored it,that night exactly at 00.10 i started to get severe stomach pains it felt like labor and would either have diarrhea or vomit,thought it was a bug and it stopped at 8am,magically i was fine. Then it started the same time the nxt night and i threw up blood and had bowel movements with fresh blood,i saw a woman with long black hair and pale face,i went towards her n she was gone,so i started to pray even wore a rosary which made the pain worse.Doctor treated me for ulcer but he never heard of it and i would be in pain the entire day…im a christian and i prayed non stop wore the rosary and it took 2wks but i recovered…we had alot more incidents but prayer and accepting Jesus Christ is the only way

  3. I can’t get a good answer from you

    • you are right dear. me too. its just beating around the bush. people should have the courage to say ‘i dont know’ when they actually do not know it.

  4. janek vaganova says:

    I have very strong and powerfull black magic with me what i must to do?????????????????

    • Dolores Anthony says:

      Pray and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior except him as that .Open your bible read Proverbs at first a chapter a day then before finish read any part of Psalms .Pray again and I guarentee the Lord will guide you on how to rid yourself of it

  5. Renee Johnson says:

    I would like to know some answers but my situation is different im trying to help innocent spirits in the cemetery be at peace i know that a cult brought forth an unwanted demon we witnessed it take place. I am a medium and the spirits of this cemetery has asked me for help in removing this demon by the name of UVALL any help you can give me would greatly be apperciated Thank you Renee

  6. my family is totally surrounded by evil spirits. I used to read bible daily and offer prayers. somebody cast our family black magic before some years .jesus is the only saviour for us.when I used to read bible I feel lazy and sleepy. then I thought of eradicating those evil spirits from our life. then i started reading bible regularly and pray atleast twice daily.we lead a peaceful life for one year. but those evil get more power during my period dates and I become so weak. but past one month I cannot read bible and do prayers. if I become faith those evil spirits trying to make my husband restless and we get fights without any reason. I can feel the evil in my house.i have three small kids. need to take care of them and do my daily works in home.i feel too much sick and severe pain in my shoulders and body.the pain is eating my mind during nights. I have no proper sleep.i have more fear.i am losing my temper and get angry without reason and viceversa my husband also. always in depression, fear. and I feel like I become very far from jesus.i am helpless.please pray for our family.i need to get back to my jesus please please pray for our family.

    • I feel and know your pain. I’m going through the same thing and even worse. May YHWH deliver us in the name of Jesus-Christ!

    • Unrepented sin leaves open doors to demonic oppression. Sin includes generational as well. Then there are also unholy ties to break. We were all born in sin , and as we got older we came to accept Jesus.

      Understanding how to put on the armour of God is important – belt of truth, shield of faith, sword of spirit, feet shod in gospel of peace, helmet of salvation and breast plate of righteousness. The armour is to fight back against Satan. Sinful living, weakens the breastplate. Lacking in God’s word affect your ability to wield the sword, your belt and affects your footing. Uncertainty of who you are in Christ, affect your helmet. Lack of faith affects the shield.

      Learn about pleading the blood of Jesus. The more we grow in Christ, the more we understand how to fight back against spiritual powers.

      Seek the baptism of the holy spirit if you haven’t done so yet. Keep seeking it, if you failed to receive right away. Just keep on seeking. Its our mindset that stops us from receiving from God. We just have to keep growing.

      If you refer to Acts 1:4, Jesus commanded His disciples to wait for the holy spirit to come on them, before they start anything else. It is with the power of God that we become effective. Acts 1:8.

      These are just some basics to get started with. It is good to seek someone in your church that is involved in deliverance ministry, as they shall be able to guide you personally, teach you and to pray together with you. Jesus commands that we be His disciple and then go on discipling others.

      Spiritual warfare is fought with our minds. The closer we are to God, the more effective because we commune better with God who leads us.

      Deliverance in your life is a work in progress. Nobody is 100% impervious to evil forces, we still have carnal flesh until we leave it.

      • Asta Greenhill says:

        Dear whoever is reading this,

        For a year now, I have been living with an alien being, attacking me. At first it attacked me and asked if I repenting, when I was working, then it woke me up and told me to get out of bed in the middle of the night. When I refused, it placed a disc of the sun on my stomach and perforated me and the sun with a bottle from underneath me. The sun was screaming. It then pretended to be a spirit of Jesus and demanded I heal his hands for a year. Like a fool, I agreed. I did it for half a year with plain yogurt from a pistachio nut. And I could see streams of energy going up to the sky and I thought Jesus was healing something somewhere in the universe. But the spirit was molesting me physically while I was doing it. And now I am not free from it physically. Strange particles press into my body, I feel unclean, it wants my food and I see streams of energy coming towards me. And not only that, it jumps into other people, food, water, trees. I have done many things for cleansing and I have learnt about pleading the blood of Jesus. I had two exorcisms, a gifted healer in Malaysia helped me. The healing session was videoed and a monkey face formed in my hair. It also was seen near my head and the Healer tried to take it down. And then said, although being a Muslim, In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I have seen it form around stars in the sky into a very unwholesome sight, like a bottom, with a circle and the star was in the middle. Now I always say, go in the name of Jesus. Recently a lady pastor prayed and tried to cast it away, and I saw an energy blob thrashing in the sky. She was immensely helpful. And I was Christened in an Evangelical Reformed Church. Yet I need more help, it affects other people but does not show itself to anyone. One time, a string of black and white particles attacked a frail old lady in the street. I touched her and wanted to take away the energy, and felt very sick in the stomach myself. Now I am looking for help. I read the Bible every day, do many things for cleansing… Once white smoke came out of my mouth and I had a strange taste in my mouth a few times. At times it randomly shouts ‘erkė` at me , which in English means `tic!’ Just now I had strangest taste in my mouth after eating… I need some support and guidance for the sake of cleanliness all around. Please help

  7. Removing the evil from myself is ultimately do-able regardless of how hard I find it. And I agree, accepting he teachings of Jesus is a good way to get on the right track. Although I have no interest in a discussion about the historic Jesus who may or may not have lived- the truth is Jesus does exist within the context of the bible and the teachings are valid. With all that said, I have very little experience removing a possessive entity that inhibits people around me. Always just one at a time. I’ve removed it in the past, but at the cost of relationship with said person. I don’t want to do that. I want the person to remain but the evil to be destroyed. Not removed. Destroyed. Any suggestions from true practitioners?

  8. Evil spirits, and ancestral demons (spirits) as well as generational curses due to your forefathers sins that were not repented of are handed down to the 4th generation over and over until repented of on their behalf. The mocking, mimicking spirits that copy the dead persons can be bound to never attack you again and even cast back to Hell where they came from. Thoughts of suicide, guilt, unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness ,sexual sins and others are from a spirit of control who like to emotionally hurt you.You can deliver yourself in JESUS CHRISTS NAME speaking to and binding them (it) or go to a Pentecostal where they use the gifts and get delivered and free forever/.Or go to who are helpful in all things .Plead the Blood of Jesus over your home & self too.

  9. Evil spirits, and ancestral demons (spirits) as well as generational curses due to your forefathers sins that were not repented of are handed down to the 4th generation over and over until repented of on their behalf. The mocking, mimicking spirits that copy the dead persons can be bound to never attack you again and even cast back to Hell where they came from. Thoughts of suicide, guilt, unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness ,sexual sins and others are from a spirit of control who like to emotionally hurt you.You can deliver yourself in JESUS CHRISTS NAME speaking to and binding them (it) or go to a Pentecostal where they use the gifts and get delivered and free forever/.Or go to who are helpful in all things .Plead the Blood of Jesus over your home & self too.

    • Melanie Johnson says:

      Who ever has a demon don’t give up getting rid off it. Keep going church and getting a deliverance cleanse places wherever you go also you have to cleanse your house cleanse mean to prayer telling the unclean spirit you are not welcome here leave now in the name of Jesus. You have to believe that jesus died on the cross for your sins and that he can overcome the world and also play worship songs in your house 24/7, get a word from God at church stop sinning don’t be scared and don’t give up. If your scared or have doubts the demon is trying to win you.

      • I have been born 7 years now still battling with sex dreams and they tell me it’s a night husband. Have been to lots of pentecostal churches to no avail. I’ve even been to SCOAN but still nothing. Please remember me in prayer

        • Hi Sandra,

          You have spirit of lust affecting you at the very least. The first step with God is always repent in word and deed thereby closing the entry point, so it will not return after being commanded to leave. Without this first step, it will keep affecting you. Evil often try to trick you back into opening doors, so don’t be fooled to think you can be complacent. Ask Jesus to deliver you from sexual temptations and thoughts whenever you feel the attacks coming. Seek guidance from the holy spirit to reveal to you matters to address.

          Examples of action that falls under lust/fornication are: sex outside marriage, masturbation, porn, viewing sexualized photographs, thinking of sex, molestation, rape, lusting after persons you are not married to, etc. It is 100% possible to have no improper sexual thoughts at all, stay celibate and not masturbate – all is possible when you are willing to obey God. He will not let you to be tempted more than you can handle, if your top priority is to abide in Christ.

          My personal experience is, that you get more effective in your walk with God after holy spirit baptism. I’m not sure is your church openly teach there is more than the water baptism. Start understanding how satan gain inroads – know your enemy basically. Then understand what the armour of God really means. Often times I found Christian do not understand this well or are unwilling to practice it properly thereby they lack the ability to defend and stand against satan properly.

          Seek a church that teaches and practises the full word of God. DENOMINATION, is not as important as how church elders view and practise the word of God. For example, I attend Anglican in the far east, but I will not attend an Anglican church in Toronto, Canada because they have teachings against the word of God.

          Again it has to do with the armour of God teachings. Deviating from Gods word means moving away from God, means going out of the protection of God. Think of parent – child analogy : it is easier to help a cooperative child than to help a child trying to run away from you. With God it is the same, He is our Father, we are His children. We decide to be obedient or wilful.

  10. i am in problem plz help me

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