How to hear God’s voice

Hi I am learning how to hear Gods voice and He is now speaking to me, He is leading me down his righteous path. He is showing me new things daily, He is leading me to salvation step by step, stripping me down layer by layer. He is showing me what objects to throw away what earthly things that I need to give up and what things that He wants me to do and just to be obedient in Him. If anyone is interested I can suggest a book called 4 Keys to hearing God’s voice by Mark & Patti Virkler. I thought that I was a lost cause because God was not speaking to me and that I was not worthy but it was I that was NOT listening to Him. Every Christian needs to learn to listen to God’s voice and not just pray away for ages and repeating the same prayer every day and night, just talk to God and he will help you. Now when God talks to you it may be in pictures or thoughts, feelings or maybe words, this is different for everyone, He will respond to you in the best way that is best for you as an individual:-

1. Stillness – sit in a room by yourself and try to block out all outside noises and thoughts (to start with it is really hard to do)
2. Look for Vision – Relax and try to picture Jesus walking into the room or just let the vision come to you
3. Spontaneity – Let God’s thought’s come to your mind – in time you will learn discernment – IE: you will be able to tell if God is actually talking or if this is your own thoughts or an attack from the devil – do not be scared this gets so easy after only a short period of time – please see the example that I have given below
4. Journaling – Write down the flow of thoughts and pictures that come into your mind – you will get more information this way and you can always look back at your notes at a later date if something doesn’t make sense straight away.

EG: In the first week that I was trying this I asked God to show me what to do with some ‘Marvel figures that I had (I thought that these were Idols and needed to be destroyed but I thought that it would be a good idea to sell these and give the money to charity) – and ‘Jesus’ walked into the room and placed these items back in their display cabinet. I opened my eyes and thought NO that is not right. So I tried again and this time Jesus pulled me to his chest and placed my head on his heart and whispered in my ear ‘destroy them’.

Please feel free to message me for advice but I am still new to this myself… Shaun (Cubits).

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