How People’s View of God is Determined

In another message I mentioned a Biblical revelation concerning why use modern technology to communicate God’s message. Its so important that we “blow the trumpet” properly, so that the entire city may hear the gospel. In this brief piece, I want to talk about one very important kind of message that needs to go out to all people everywhere.

One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.
I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, And on Your wondrous works.
Men shall speak of the might of Your awesome acts, And I will declare Your greatness.
(Psalm 145:4-6)

The character of any person is assessed in large measure by WHAT THEY DO. Likewise with GOD – people out there form a view of God based on what they believe He does. If people believe that our does nothing concrete today, they will view our God as a figment of our imagination. Our testimonies provide an up-to-date witness of the Living God to a generation whose minds have been fed with Darwinism, Naturalism, Materialism, Humanism, Islam and New Age Philosophy in various degrees. It is so important then that we TELL the world WHAT Jesus has done for us as believers. This is common sense if we want to effectively glorify Jesus Christ in the world, but it is also part of our biblical mandate to do so. The television provides an ideal platform to testify to many people about the reality of the works of God. If we all shut up and keep it to ourselves in hidden gatherings, why would we expect anyone out there to take our faith seriously?

If Jesus has healed anyone in the last 10 years, people ought to know about it. If people have been delivered from demons, the world needs to know. If hearts have been changed, if families have been restored, if broken lives have been made new, if forgiveness has been found, and reconciliation effected, the world MUST know.

People must know what it is that God can do. God did not retire when the Canon of Scripture was settled on. He IS the Living God. There are hundreds of millions of people that never even heard of the Christian Bible, and have little idea of who Jesus is. These people believe that the reports they hear on TV are mostly true. That is why it is imperative to reach them with testimonies broadcast on television in their local languages. “How can they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?” asks Paul in Romans 10:14. We should be asking the same question today. I hope God is not holding us responsible for the people we are not reaching with credible testimonies of God’s work in the world, but just in case He is, I urge you to do what you can to play your part in this great work.

In the world, successful people know that a very good kind of question to ask is “How do I … ?”
“How do I succeed?” “How can I build wealth?” “How can I solve this kind of problem?” Now Jesus gave us all a very big job. I believe it would be wise to ask him “How can we spread the knowledge of Your glory all over the world?” The answers may be closer than we think.

What do YOU think?


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  1. The Hopeful says:

    From a point of view of someone who deeply desires to be with god.Bogged down is exactly how it feels.And i can only speak for myself when i say this”it isn’t that i do not like scripture or that i want science it is simply that scripture is sometimes difficult to undersand.So to a person who really wants help,sending riddles to them makes them feel like you dont even understand where they are coming from.Because clearly if they are struggling puzzles are only going to make it worse.I would suggest explaining he scripture after you write it.
    Please try to understand that you have studied the bible as to where new christians have just read it.
    This was repelying to Jesseedavis.

    • jesseedavis says:

      🙁 I’m sorry about this post guys, Hopeful. It is frustrating me, but it was wrong to put everything out like that. There was a lot in that post, that I just expected everyone here to see, but the problem is that you guys haven’t lived my life with me. I am really sorry for this.

      I guess I just need to be more clear about where I’m coming from.

      • Hi there Saints ,

        Phew !!! What is the world coming to ?


        • warrior daughter says:

          My thoughts on this is that it is a occupation and not a calling to leaders who remain in sin. They have no thoughts on the consequences of sin. Sin in leadership is rampant in all denominations. If sin is not ridden out of the church and the leaders, the hearts of the leaders and the people become harden to Scripture and they care not what the Word has to say. They have no problem remaining in the sin and encouraging others to join in their sin or other sins. People look to their leaders and are fast to copy them, then to follow after God and His Word. The apostate church is one of the signs that Jesus is on the horizon and will soon be returning for His saints to take them back to heaven with Him..With each moment of the day we are fast approaching His return and then the beginning of the end begins….

          • courage07 says:

            Not every pastor or church leader is called. It does not necessarily mean that if some one gets into leadership that person is actually called of God. When this happens the power of God is rarely present to any degree in such places. Except the lord build the house, those that labour do in vain.

            God expects those of us that are actually called to live exemplary lives to the flock. Some say that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance and use this to justify people in gross sin remaining in ministry, without even dealing with their sins. That scripture applies to Israel as a nation, Romans 11v29 & Jeremiah 31v35-37 and not to ministry gifts or spiritual gifts. God repented making Saul king over Israel and removed him from office. Samson lost the anointing when his hair was cut. And God did remove some kings and priests from office, concerning Judas the scriptures say his office, let another man take. We need to pray for god fearing ministers that God will keep them pure and to encourage and support them

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Hey Jesse, you are doing a great job sharing your faith and beliefs here. Don’t be discouraged! This is simply a 2 Timothy 2:24 moment 🙂

        “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,
        2Ti 2:25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;
        2Ti 2:26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    We must always keep in mind Jesse that when we become critical of the church we may be missing something important. You mention those “brothers and sisters” fighting for the right to be accepted in their sins. Jesus says the enemy will sow tares in with the wheat. There is an ungodly seed in our midst who is not us, nor of us. We cannot therefore blame “ourselves” as the church. We must distinguish ourselves AS the church and continue to proclaim righteousness, though we may be shouted down even within church walls by those who are “among us, but not of us,” as John, I believe it was, put it.

    Michael, thanks for the exhortations. Please keep them coming!

  3. jesseedavis says:

    Sadly, Michael this very thing has affected more than most think. Many unbelievers that feel a conviction to be saved, as we are even seeing now on this site, do not want to be “bogged down” with Scripture. From what I have read, this wasn’t the way it was (at least as far as I can tell) even in the early 1900’s. Christians have turned to science and logic to preach the Gospel, and using maybe a Scripture or two. I have a good friend who thinks it is wrong to use more than just a few Scripture when witnessing. Sadly a lot of methods propose this as well.

    Another result, which I touched above, believers doubt the power of the Word of God to the saving of souls. As a result we tell stories and use statistics and argue and debate and oh yeah, here’s a Scripture, to bring people to Christ.

    The other result I’ve noticed is that those who do come to Christ struggle for years and years to take even a few steps further in Christ. (I am one of these cases, in fact.) More times than not, you doubt the Word of God about what it says when it comes time to really believe it. You live by sight and by emotions and absolutely cannot stand when a trial comes your way. This seems to be more or less the case with everyone here in America and Europe and other places. Coming from a place where the Word of God was the only picture I had of what the Church was like, I never dreamed of coming out here to a bunch of Brothers and Sisters fighting for things like homosexually and abortion to be not only left alone and uncondemned but ACCEPTED within our sanctuaries (even pulpits)!! How insulting! I would never have dreamed of Brothers and Sisters of such multitude denying the Holy Spirit and believing that we are to be stuck in the same sin/sickness/pain cycle for the rest of natural-born lives. (I can just hear the evil laughter at this point.)

    All this, because we are too scared or just flat out refuse to shout the Word of God and the testimonies of the power of the living God and His Word from the mountaintops.

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